Hilton Baptist Church
101 Main Street
(Northwest Corner of Warwick Boulevard and Main Street)
Newport News, VA 23601



Hilton Baptist Church Hilton Baptist Church
Courtesy of Bill Lee (WHS - '54) of NC - 03/22/10
Thanks, Bill!
Courtesy of  http://www.peninsulabaptist.org/templates/System/details.asp?id=23506&PID=475997 - 03/25/10

In your 3/18/10 newsletter, Norm (Covert - '61 - of MD) commented on a church where scout troop once met (in basement of Sunday School annex). It was the Hilton Baptist Church - completely rebuilt years later. The church's location is on the northwest corner of Warwick Boulevard and Main Street. The Sunday school annex is just barely visible on the extreme left of the above image.

- Bill Lee (WHS - '54) of NC - 03/22/10
Thanks, Bill!

(This page was created on 03/25/10 at the indirect suggestion of Bill Lee - WHS - '54 - of NC.)

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