Wickham Jewelers, Inc.
1821 Wickham Avenue
Stuart Gardens Shopping Center
Newport News, VA 23607
 June 1945 Anchor, p. 101  


...As to the question of the Stuart Gardens Shopping Center.  My parents moved to Newport News, my mother's hometown, in 1947
and my father opened the Garden Bake Shop in that small strip center.  My first memory had the Colonial Store at one end, then the
Garden Pharmacy owned by Doc Belcastro, then the bakery, then Bernard's 5 & 10, then a dairy store, then Al Sandler's bar, penny
candy case and a lending library, then some offices, Dr. Berlin upstairs, Dr. Mirmelstein, the dentist, downstairs and then the wonderful
Stuart Theater. I may have missed something else, but at my advanced years, those seem to have been the line up in the late 40's. 
The Stuart Theater (owned by the Gordon families) closed and became Rich's Grocery Store.

- David Rosenwasser ('64) of MO - 07/14/09

Thanks so much, David! I knew you would recall that line-up correctly! I think, then, that this business must have surely been gone by 1947 or very shortly thereafter, n'est pas?

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Music by Jules Styne, Lyrics by Leo Robin, 1949

The French are glad to die for love
They delight in fighting duels
But I prefer a man who lives
And gives expensive jewels
A kiss on the hand may be quite continental
But diamonds are a girl's best friend

A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental
On your humble flat, or help you at the automat
Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don't lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl's best friend

...Tiffany's ... Cartier...Black Star, Frost, Gorham
Talk to me, Harry, Winston, tell me all about it!
There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer
But diamonds are a girl's best friend

There may come a time when a hard-boiled employer
Thinks you're awful nice
But get that ice or else no dice
He's your guy when stocks are high
But beware when they start to descend
It's then that those louses go back to their spouses
Diamonds are a girl's best friend

I've heard of affairs that are strictly platonic
But diamonds are a girl's best friend

And I think affairs that you must keep liaisonic
Are better bets if little pets get big baggettes
Time rolls on and youth is gone
And you can't straighten up when you bend
But stiff back or stiff knees
You stand straight at Tiffany's

Diamonds... Diamonds...
- I don't mean rhinestones -
But Diamonds, Are A Girl's Best Friend

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"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" lyrics courtesy of
http://www.stlyrics.com/songs/m/marilynmonroe9048/diamondsareagirlsbestfriend305216.html - 12/02/03

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" midi courtesy of http://www.rienzihills.com/SING/diamonds.htm,
via Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 12/02/03
Thanks, Dave!

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