Warwick Laundry
127 - 24th Street
Newport News, VA




June 1947 Anchor, p.105

1953 Anchor, p.162

1954 Anchor, p.164


Courtesy of Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/09/04
Thanks, Babe!

Courtesy of Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/09/04
Thanks, Babe!

The U.S. Restaurant was demolished along with the Tidewater Hotel, the Warwick Laundry
(where both my father and mother worked) as well as other businesses (Brody Canter Wholesale, etc.)
along 25th Street to make way for the NN City Hall in the 1970ís.

A little personal history--My father and mother would get me up around 5:00 am and take me downtown
with them on school days (no baby sitter or day care back then).
We always ate breakfast at the U.S. Restaurant, and then I would go with my parents to the laundry where they worked.
I remember Sam (Canavos) as a very nice person who knew my father and mother, and always treated us with respect.
Around 8:30 my father would drive me to Briarfield Elementary School, located on Marshall Avenue,
and within walking distance of where we lived on Decatur Street.
When the school day ended around 3:00 pm, one of them would pick me up and drive me back to the Laundry
where I stayed until they got off from work, usually around 5:00 pm, but sometimes as late as 9 or 10 at night.
For my first 3 years of school, I spent almost as much time downtown,
playing around the Warwick Hotel, Laundry, and the waterfront, as I did at home.
I have great memories of the Warwick Hotel, the Soda Shop, and playing with Louis Graham, son of the Hotel manager back then.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham lived in a suite at the hotel, and I played with their son and daughter, often roaming all over the hotel grounds.
In the 4th grade, my grandparents moved to NN from North Carolina, and I didnít have to get up so early any more, or get home so late.
I ate breakfast at Grandmaís house (also on Decatur Street), and then walked to school with Ken Taylor, Clarence Point or Wesley Staude.
Ken Taylor was in your Class of 1965. Of course when I started the 8th grade at NNHS in 1959, I rode the school bus downtown.

- Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 12/05/04
Thanks, Fred!

(This page added 12/15/04 at the request of Tom Norris - HHS- '73 - of VA.)

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