Walter Reed Market
Wickham Avenue and 25th Street
Newport News, VA 23607



... my dad, who ran the Walter Reed Market next to the school on Wickham Avenue and 25th Street, delivered groceries...
- Forrest Powell ('63) of VA - 11/28/05
Thanks, Forrest!

Forrest Powell ('63 - of VA) said his dad owned the Walter Reed Market by the school on Wickham and 25th. 
Could that be the store that had the penny candies?  I've been trying to find out the name of the "candy store" 
next to Walter Reed. Of course, that's all I can remember buying there!
- Karen Weinstein Witte ('60) of FL - 11/30/05
 Thanks, Karen!  I think it must surely be so!


East Side, West Side

Words and Music by Lawlor and Blake - 1928

Down in front of Casey's
Old brown wooden stoop,
On a summer's evening,
We formed a merry group;
Boys and girls together,
We would sing and waltz,
While Tony played the organ on
The Sidewalks Of New York.

East side, West side,
All around the town,
The tots sang "ring a rosie,"
"London Bridge is falling down."
Boys and girls together,
Me and Mamie O' Rourke,
Tripped the light fantastic
On The Sidewalks Of New York.



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Thanks, Dave!


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