Miss Lillian Todd

b. July 1904

Columbia University, B.S., M. A.

Mathematics, General Math, Algebra, Plane Geometry

1954 Anchor, p. 13 1957 Anchor, p. 14 1961 Anchor, p. 31
10/02/07 10/02/07 10/02/07

...I learned from the current newsletter of the First Presbyterian Church of Hampton that Miss Lilly Todd celebrated her 103rd birthday
in July. Is that the Miss Lillian Todd who taught algebra at NNHS?  

- Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 10/01/07
WOWZERONI!!! It must surely be, as the dates of her teaching would be correct.  1961 was her last year at NNHS.
Thanks so much, Aretie!

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