Miss Rebecca Suttle

b. 25 May 1896
d. Mar 1964 - age 67

College of William and Mary, B. A., Columbia University, M. A.

Head of English Department, English

1953 Anchor, p. 16 1956 Anchor, p. 50 1959 Anchor, p. 39
  "Murray Rowe listens attentively as Miss Suttle explains the principles of sentence structure to one of her senior English classes."  
10/18/05 10/18/05 10/18/05

Ah, what memories. Renee Helterbran and I were in Miss Suttle’s English class with Eleanor Buckley, and Curtis Overman....

II have a story to share about Miss Suttle’s Senior English class. We were required to do a term paper. I did mine on Thomas Hardy. We got two grades on our papers, one for mechanics and one for content. Well, I got an A on the content and a big fat F for mechanics. It was the first F I ever got and I just about died and there was not anything I could do about it. Several of my sources were published by Macmillan Publishing Company. Only every time I cited the source in a footnote and in the bibliography, I spelled it McMillan. I lost a point every time I misspelled it and it cost me! Since then I have never misspelled Macmillan Publishing again, but more importantly, as you so aptly expressed it in the October 10 newsletter about your English teacher, too, Miss Suttle taught me “exactness in all things.” Ron Miller ('59 - of NC) put it quite well, too, when he wrote in the October 11 newsletter that they “made sure we used the language correctly.” Ron is right that they made us learn enough so that it stuck with us, whether we wanted it to or not.

- Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 10/17/05
Thanks so much, Aretie!

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