Mr. P. W. Allen Raine

(Peter Woodward Allen Raine)

b. 1906
d. 14 Oct 1957 - Newport News, VA  - age 51 - heart attack

Hampden Sidney College, B. A.
University of Virginia, M. A.

Mathematics, Algebra, Honor Council Sponsor

Father of   Miss Frances Blunt Raine ('53), Wirtley Raine Anderson (Best Student in the Class of '56), and Edith Raine Fenick

1949 Anchor, p. 27 1954 Anchor, p. 12 1958 Anchor, p. 5 Daily Press, Tuesday, October 15, 1957, p. 20
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My dad was PWA (Allen) Raine and taught math at NNHS sometime before I was born in 1948 to 1957 when he died of a heart attack.
Frances Raine, my sister, is listed and had just started her first year of teaching at NNHS that year.
Could you please put him on the NNHS list of teachers?
Thank you.

- Edith Allen Raine Fenick of VA - 09/06/19
Certainly, Edith! I apologize for this egregious oversight.

Math Image courtesy of - 04/08/08

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