Miss Belle B. Fitzgerald

b. abt 1936 - VA

Longwood College, B.S.

Art Club Sponsor

1962 Anchor, p. 25

This is Miss Belle B. Fitzgerald. She taught Art. I never took Art, but she was Miss Sexton’s “bestie" and I knew her quite well in that role,
as she would usually come to 306 after school while I was chatting with Miss Sexton and we would joke around. She was a very nice person.

- Mark Van Noy ('61 /'62) of TX - 02/20/18
Thanks, Mark! I should have known Miss Fitzgerald better than I did for a couple of reasons.
I didn't study Art until my Junior and Senior years, but I joined the Art Club during my sophomore year,
while she was still the sponsor. Also, she attended the same church as I, Trinity Methodist. At that time she lived
on Hampton Roads Avenue in Hampton. I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance.

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