Miss Ellena Marie ("Sally") Armistead

Valedictorian of the Mathews High School Class of 1950

Longwood College, B. A.; University of Virginia: M. Ed.;
College of William and Mary; Christopher Newport College; and the Associate Research Center

Geography, Guidance, Eighth Grade History

b. 09 Nov 1931 - Mathews, VA
d. 16 Aug 2011 - Jenson Beach, FL - age 79


1960 Anchor, p. 110 1963 Anchor, p. 15
Courtesy of Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 07/06/08
Thanks, Norm!
Courtesy of Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 07/06/08
Thanks, Norm!

While perusing the teacher pages I noted you have no pictures of Miss Ellena Armistead, who was my seventh-grade teacher
at John W. Daniel Elementary (1955-56). She was especially patient and kind with me. She once stayed after school to check
on my welfare in the nurse's office after I chased a fly kick ball on the playground. I watched the ball and collided head first
with the basketball pole, knocking me unconscious. Maybe she gave me a break on my final grades because of verifiable brain damage!

She went on to teach history and geography, plus guidance counselor at NNHS. She was a good teacher and warm person.
I wonder if any information exists on where she might have gone/is today.

- Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 07/06/08
Thanks so much, Norm!

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