11/12/12 Mrs. Virginia Boyce Cash
03/09/19 Mr. John M. Caywood
08/04/07 Mr. J. William Etheridge
10/30/13 Miss Ethel Gildersleeve
07/13/16 Mr. Thomas O. Keesee
10/17/15 Mr. Robert Maidment
05/08/05 Mr. George J. McIntosh
01/08/12 Mrs. Juanita C. Weaver

"The benefits of education and of useful knowledge,
generally diffused through a community,
are essential to the preservation of a free government."

- Sam Houston

"...thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

- Psalm 23:4

(Sorry.  I couldn't resist the pun.)

This midi is "Someone to Watch Over Me".  Just a little joke.  I'll not print the words, as they make no sense in the context of the joke.

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