1527 W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton, VA
158 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, VA


I would like to clear things up a bit concerning Shoney's. Both buildings are still standing, but have been modified somewhat. The Jefferson Avenue building has been slightly remodeled, and for awhile was a Greek restaurant named Nick's. The curb service area is now covered by another restaurant, Long John Silver's. The Hampton Shoney's, on Pembroke, is still standing as well, but has been modified so much that a casual passerby would not recognize the place. It still stands adjacent to Flash Gordon's Motel, Hampton Manor Motel, and is fenced in. I think it is now being used by a construction business.
1959 Anchor, p. 184 - Jimmy Parker ('62) of VA - 10/06/04
 12/04/03 Thanks, Jimmy!  I seem to have some very precious memories of both Shoney's myself.....

I'm sure you can find a place for these images:

Shoney's Menu from 1967 Bob's Menu
Glasses Matchbook China - the Blue Plate Special! Clock
1960s Ashtray Ashtray Salt and Pepper Shakers Marbles
Bobblehead Notebooks nPin Banks 70s Bank
70s Christmas Items
WOW, do I ever have a yen for some strawberry pie.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/05/04
 And now we ALL do!  Thanks so much, Dave.

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 01/05/04
Does anyone know when the Hampton Shoney’s was built?

I have a funny story. Shoney’s wasn’t called Shoney’s in all locations. Some were simply called Bob’s Big Boy.
Anyway, when I was in flight school at Pensacola, one of my Marine classmates was getting married in Memphis.
So six of us Marines loaded up in my VW camper and made the drive from P’Cola to Memphis. Once there, we tried
to stay out of trouble, but try as we might, we ended up unbolting the Big Boy statue from a defunct Big Boys and
put it on top of my camper and took it to the wedding reception and presented it to the couple as our wedding gift
in the middle of the dance floor. Yes…..Officers and Gentlemen, each and every one.

- Chandler Nelms (HHS - '63) of MD - 12/05/05
WILD GIGGLES!!!  Thanks, Chandler!
As unlikely as it seems, I may be able to answer your question myself.
The ad we show here was from the '59 Anchor, and shows both locations. The '56, '57 and '58 Anchors list only
the Hampton Shoney's, so we may assume the Newport News restaurant was built sometime in 1958 or very
early 1959. The 1955 Anchor does not carry an ad for Shoney's at all, so it is likely that the Hampton Shoney's
opened in 1955 or very early 1956. A check of the Hampton City Directory for that time period would be a
better indicator, of course.

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 12/05/05

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"Of course, Shoney's was our "Arnold's" so what could be more appropriate than this?"

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Not a thing, Dave!  Thanks!