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Scenic Overlook
Chesapeake Boulevard at Manteo,
Overlooking the Hampton Roads
Hampton, VA 23661

Site of the Submarine Races

06/09/06 02/28/09

The 2009 World Submarine Racing Championships


Well, what did you expect to see?

... Hope the rest of your day goes better!

P.S.  Don't feel bad ~~ I looked at all the photos  too.

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 02/26/09
WILD GIGGLES! Thanks, Wayne!



- Irving Berlin, 1925

One little kiss, a moment of bliss,
then hours of deep regret.
One little smile, and after a while,
a longing to forget.
One little heartache left as a token,
One little plaything carelessly broken.

Remember the night,
The night you said, "I love you"
Remember you vowed
By all the stars above you,
Remember we found a lonely spot,
And after I learned to care a lot,
You promised that you'd forget me not,
But you forgot
To remember.

Into my dreams you wandered it seems,
and then there came a day
You loved me too, my dreams had come true,
and all the world was May;
But soon the Maytime turned to December.
You had forgotten, do you remember?

Saturday, October 28, 2000
This sign obviously didn't exist during the mid-sixties...

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 05/03/03

Saturday, October 18, 2003
Saturday, October 18, 2003

More Carnage from Hurricane Isabel!!!

The Scenic Overlook is GONE - washed away, completely obliterated!
And I am distraught!

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 10/29/03


Here is some additional information related to Dave Spriggs' ('64 of VA) postcard photo of the Chesapeake
Avenue waterfront near Hampton Roads Avenue.  The postcard photo was stated to have been taken from a
Chesapeake Ferry Co. site or vessel.  



The actual identity of that ferry boat landing is given in Newport News 325 Years, published 1946
by The Newport News Golden Anniversary Corporation, which apparently was a group of prominent NN citizens
who hastily had something put together and printed for the celebration. 
My friend, the late Parke Rouse, was on the team.


On page 302 the Chesapeake Ferry Co.'s beginnings are described:


"Regular double-ended ferry service for the transportation of passengers and vehicles was established by the
Chesapeake Ferry Co. in 1912.  When the company started it was thought that business from both Hampton
and Newport News could be secured if the Peninsula terminus was placed at a spot midway between the two
cities and accordingly a slip was built at
the end of Manteo Avenue on the Boulevard.  After struggling
with this location for about two years the company realized its mistake, for in hoping to get the trade from the
two cities, it actually got but little from either.  So after the Municipal Boat Harbor was built in 1914 it moved
its slip to that location where it has been ever since.  In 1925 another firm, the Hampton Roads Transportation
Co., instituted a ferry service from Old Point Comfort to Willoughby Spit.  This company was bought out
by Chesapeake Ferry Corp. in 1929.  A complete list of the Chesapeake Ferry steamers is given elsewhere
in this volume."


In the latter 1930s I was busy laying bicycle tire tracks all over the Boulevard.  My grandfather told me about the
original ferry landing at the end of Manteo Avenue and the next day I was on-site to look for artifacts.  Sure
enough, there were a few pier pilings still in place.  But one would never have suspected that a ferry landing had
ever been there. 


Nostalgic best wishes,
Fred Field ('45) of CA - 01/04/05
WOWZERS!  Thanks for solving that mystery for us, Fred!

When was the last time anyone went down to Chesapeake Boulevard to watch the Submarine Races?

- Chandler Nelms (HHS - 63) of MD - 09/10/05
Sigh.  Thanks, Chandler!

 I moved away from the Peninsula on 12/30/67, and though I returned for the Summer of '68, for all intents and
purposes, I was gone, so I really couldn't say when I last watched... um, I mean, ah.... what am I saying?!?

   But I will say that in October of 2000 (after living in the Midwest for the better part of 30 years), when I returned
my 35-Year Reunion, my sister and I were given a personal tour of the Peninsula by a close friend.  This was
one of the main highlights of our guided tour, and I captured those first four images amidst great fits of giggles. 
The "Scenic Overlook" sign was particularly intriguing to me, though I have no idea how long it had been in place.

   Three years later when I viewed the wretched devastation which Hurricane Isabel had inflicted upon that place,
the giggles were long gone.  It broke my heart, and I couldn't control some very bitter tears.....

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 09/12/05





Keep Your Hands To Yourself

I got a little change in my pocket
goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling
Wants to call you on the telephone baby,
a-give you a ring
But each time we talk,
I get the same old thing
Always no hugg-ee no kiss-ee until
I get a weddin' ring
My honey my baby,
don't put my love upon no shelf
She said don't hand me no lines
and keep your hands to yourself

B-b-b-baby baby baby
why you wan' treat me this way
You know I'm still your lover boy
I still feel the same way
That's when she told me a story,
'bout free milk and a cow
And said no hugg-ee no kiss-ee
until I get a weddin' vow
My honey my baby,
don't put my love upon no shelf
She said don't hand me no lines
and keep your hands to yourself

Go man go

Hold it here
See I wanted her real bad,
and I was about to give in
But that's when she started talking
about true love, started talking about sin
And I said, honey
I'll live with you for the rest of my life,
She said no hugg-ee no kiss-ee
until you make me your wife-a
My honey my baby,
don't put my love upon no shelf
She said don't hand me no lines
and keep your hands to yourself





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"Keep Your Hands to Yourself" lyrics courtesy of
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