Sam Gordon's Cigar Shop & Confectionary
3100 Block of Washington Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607

1940s 1956 Anchor, p. 142 - more than likely taken from atop Leggett's Department Store Tuesday, November 4, 2003
11/12/03 04/20/04 Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA - 11/04/03

Captain Dave's most recent photo of the old Palace Theatre in Newport News shows the old entrance
Sam Gordon's Cigar Shop & Confectionary, which was located next door to the Palace Theatre
and actually housed in that same building.
The entrance was on the south side or right of the theatre entrance doors.
(Mr. Gordon owned the theatre also, which Herbie Morewitz managed for years).

It was better known to students of NNHS as "Sammy's Sandwich Shop" for many a student would crowd in at lunch time
to buy one of their
"Grilled Cheese Sandwiches" which I believe made up the entire menu.

I do not recall the two workers names, but they would put butter on the top and bottom of a regular hamburger bun,
that had a slice of American cheese already placed in the bun with a dollop of mayonnaise.
It would be placed on the grill, which was called a griddle because it had a top and bottom hot tray,
and they would compress the entire load of newly created morsels until they were flat as a pancake.

The newly created sandwiches were pulled from the grill, placed in wax paper and handed to the student purchaser,
along with a soft drink if one could afford that luxury. Then the young customer had to immediately exit to Washington Avenue
to consume the purchase, and make way for those standing in line to gain entrance into this specialty restaurant.

Only in a small town could a kid make such a purchase in a Cigar Shop!!!

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/23/04
Oh, WOW!  Thanks, Joe!

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