The NNHS Class of 1959 Reunion Page

Class Motto:
(Mary Beth Olson, Motto Committee Head)

Class Colors: Navy Blue and White
(Louise Powell, Color Committee Head)

Class Flowers:
(Sandra Nesbitt, Flower Committee Head)

Class Sponsors: Mrs. Margaret F. Baab and Mr. Charlie Nuttycombe


50-Year Reunion Plans and News

I agree that the NNHS Class of '59 hasn't had many reunions. There was a 10th (which
many of us didn't even know was happening), a 30th (which was well attended and where
I was reacquainted with the lady who was to become my wife), and a 35th (which was not
well attended for some reason). Aretie and I are willing to help get the ball rolling towards
a 50th reunion. I've started building a database beginning with every name in our yearbook
but have very few current e-mail addresses, snail-mail addresses, or phone numbers. If we
can get enough addresses to reach critical mass, we'll initiate a newsletter. We would very
much like hearing from our classmates and would appreciate any information you could share. 

Contact us at:

10089 Greenleaf Drive
Manassas, VA 20110-6633

Phone (703) 257-1249

Many Thanks,
John Patterson (NNHS-'59) of Manassas, VA - 09/14/05


Reach Out of the Darkness

(Friend and Lover)
I think it's so groovy now
That people are finally getting together
I thinks it's so wonderful and how
That people are finally getting together
Reach out in the darkness
Reach out in the darkness
Reach out in the darkness 
And you may find a friend
I knew a man that I did not care for 
And then one day this man gave me a call
We sat and talked about things on our mind
And now this man he is a friend of mine
Don't be afraid of love
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid to love
Everybody needs a little love
Everybody needs somebody 
That they can be thinking of 

(This page was created on 09/14/05 when John and Aretie Gallins Patterson - both '59 - of Northern VA
stepped up to the plate, and redesigned for uniformity of appearance on 03/21/06.)

"Out of the Darkness" midi and lyrics courtesy of
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA -
Thanks, David - it's perfect!

Reference for Class Motto, Colors, and Flower Committee Chairmen and Sponsors: 1959 Anchor, p. 112

Reference for Class Colors: My memory of my sister's Class Pennant

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