Peterson's Yacht Basin
16th Street, Adjacent to Stuart Homes,
East End, Newport News, VA 23607

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Hard to Get

When they were hard to get
You wanted my kisses;
When first we met
How you wanted my kisses!
They were hard to get
Till I was sure your love was true,
Then I gave you all my heart,
And all my kisses too.

I wish that I'd been smart
And never adored you.
You broke my heart;
Easy kisses just bored you.
But the day will come
When you will find to your regret
That a love as true as mine
Can be so hard to get.

1955 Anchor, p. 173

Saturday, October 28, 2000

Aerial View
of Peterson's Yacht Basin


The appearance of the yacht basin has been
greatly altered since the mid-sixties. 
For one thing, WHERE ARE ALL THE YACHTS?!?

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 05/03/03

... And back in the 50's our "parking" place was Peterson's Yacht Basin (which we called "Blueberry Hill";
our song) since I lived in the
East End area and that wasn't far from my home.  We went boating and water
skiing out of that basin in the summer, and I swam and played on that beach at 
Stuart Gardens Apartments
all the time.  Lots of my friends lived in those apartments.

- Joan Ownby Mathieson ('58) of VA - 12/30/05

Thanks, Joan!  The yacht basin was still a big favorite in the early and mid-sixties, though I personally
was partial to the
Scenic Overlook on Chesapeake Avenue, where we used to watch the submarine races. 

Oh, no, wait a minute!   What am I saying?!?
   I, of course, had no personal knowledge of any of those places! 
Oh, no, indeed!
   I was a perfect little angel,
I am sure! 

My remembrance of  Peterson's Yacht Basin was when I was living on 24th Street off Parrish Avenue. A. D. Strickland,
Steve Gillis, Ricky Phelps, and I were riding our bicycles to the beach over behind
Stuart Gardens. Well, as we went
by Peterson's Yacht Basin we were pushing our bikes up the side of the hill by the basin to cross the street. My foot
slipped, and there was a pipe sticking up out of the ground. My knee went right down on the end of that pipe.
Needless to say, I was bleeding from the gash in my knee. There were two men getting ready to go fishing.
They saw me and what had happened,  so they rushed up there and got me and took me to Riverside Hospital
to get my knee sewn up. I messed up their fishing trip. I was just thankful that they were close by.

- Glenn Dye  ('60) of TX - 01/12/06 

   YOWZERONI, Glenn!  I suppose you were!  Thanks for sharing that!

The Love Boat Theme

Love... exciting and new,
Come aboard,
We're expecting you

And love, life's sweetest reward,
Let it float.
It floats back to you

The Love Boat,
Soon we'll be making another run.
The Love Boat,
Promises something for everyone.
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new ro-mance.

And love... won't hurt anymore,
It's an open smile, on a friendly shore.
It's love, welcome aboard it's lo-o-ove.

- P. Williams, C. Fox

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