Parkview Presbyterian Church
 Corner of Temple Lane and Ellen Road
Newport News, VA

LATER in Birdella Estates on Roanoke Avenue
Newport News, VA


Iím a 1969 graduate of Newport News High School, and I attended Briarfield Elementary School. Could you please add Parkview Presbyterian Church to your list of churches? I donít remember the name of the road it was on when I first went there, but it was one block off of Marshall Avenue in the vicinity of Briarfield Manor and Warwick Gardens. Later it was moved to Roanoke Avenue, but I donít remember what year that was. In any case, it was definitely a place of worship between 1955 and 1972. Thanks!

- Sherry Cain Hamilton ('69) of __ - 05/04/08
Thanks, Sherry!

The church was located at the corner of Temple Lane and Ellen Road.  Lots of kids went there during the fifties and sixties.  Youth Group on Sunday nites, choir practice on Wednesday nites, Halloween parties after trick-or-treating for UNICEF, Christmas plays, etc., covered dish suppers, and Vacation Bible School was always great.  That building was sold sometime between '65 and '70 and the new one built on (I think) Chestnut Avenue.  I'm guessing it was the '80's when it went defunct from lack of congregation.  Rev. Smith was best-loved by all the kids, Rev. MacLeod was the last minister that I remember.  I'm sure you'll get more responses & memories--tons of kids from Briarfied Manor, Warwick Gardens, Betsy Lee Gardens & Sussex Hilton were all within walking distance. 

- Sheila Smith Moler ('64) of FL - 05/08/08
Thanks, Sheila!

In regards to Parkview Presbyterian Church, I too went there as a child in the 1950s. It was located on Ellen Road just off Temple Lane.
It moved, just outside the Newmarket area, in Birdella Estates on Roanoke Avenue in the early 1960s. I don't believe it exists any longer.

- Mike Leonard ('68) of VA - 05/08/08
Thanks, Mike!

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Thanks, Sherry!)

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