Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church
Orcutt Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607



    Combined Choirs of Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church, 1952




  Courtesy of Eddie Perry of TN - 2001
Thanks, Eddie!
 Saturday, October 28, 2000    
Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 01/03/04  Orcutt Baptist Church
653 Baxter Lane
Newport News, Virginia 23602


Orcutt Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607


My wife, Patty Andrews Mays ('61) and I both grew up going to Orcutt Avenue/Orcutt Baptist Church.  We have many
wonderful memories at this church and especially of our Pastor William P. Milne who pastored from 1958 until his death
on Feb. 23, 1967.  He was the father of Mary Anne ('60) and Charles ('64) and Eleanor ('66).  My wife was fourth generation
in that church and our children made five.  My mother is still a member there....she will be 91 on the 24th of this month.

- Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 06/10/06
Thanks, Fred!

Thank you for posting Tim Rogers' (Hampton HS - '66) interesting story about his father and his mother (in the 6/18/06 newsletter).  I knew this family quite well.  Ronnie was the oldest and he graduated from Hampton High in 1960, the same year I graduated from Newport News.  He was always in my Sunday School class at Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church.  Of course, I knew Jerry and Tim also.  What a wonderful family!  When Mr. and Mrs. Rogers left the Wythe section of Hampton, they moved to Lansdowne in the Denbigh area of Newport News.  I have lived in this neighborhood for 28 years and would often talk to Mr. Rogers as I passed by his house down the street from where I first lived in the neighborhood.  Mr. Rogers was known as "Buckshot Rogers"....everyone really liked him as he was so interesting and kind.  We all knew how devoted Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were to each other.  The Rogers' were very active in the church. I recall Mrs. Rogers was Church Librarian and Mr. Rogers assisted Sheriff W. B. Weaver in preparing the meal for the Brotherhood, the mens' organization in the church.  This was for our monthly meeting.  Young people today would not believe that often times civic organizations and churches would, at times, have a Womanless Wedding.  It was ALL MEN - it was a hoot!

Mr. Buckshot Rogers was dressed as the Groom and Sheriff W.B. Weaver was the Bride. He actually wore a bride's gown.  Mr. Rogers was short and Weaver was real tall.  The father of the bride carried a shot gun.  I even have some pictures of this wedding.  It was so humorous.  Dr. Bruce Price was a bridesmaid; there was a flower girl and ring bearer.  All men!  I think that people today would think this was sort of kinky; however, people at that time did not think as so many do today.  I remember one man (I mean bridesmaid) wore a gown, wig, and had a plunger tied around his neck.  The plunger represented a "plunging neckline", I think!  When anything needed to be done at the church, you could always count on Mr. Rogers. He was a friend of my father and all who knew him.

Precious memories......

- Fred Mays ('60) of VA - 06/20/06
Indeed they are! Thanks, Fred!

Gold Filigree Divider courtesy of
- 12/15/03

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