Stonewall Jackson School ?!?
Newport News, VA

Stonewall Jackson School



This old postcard courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/25/03:

"This must be an early image. It is looking north from 46th Street,
and shows the school prior to its expansion toward 47th Street." 

Dave's Source:

found another site concerning the architect (Charles M. Robinson) who designed it. 


He designed these schools:

Newport News, Va. Schools
Grade School June 1909
John W. Daniel School September 1913
Huntington School February 1922
Stonewall Jackson School January 1923
Newport News High School July 1922
Booker T. Washington School September 1928


Hampton and Elizabeth City County Schools
Armstrong School April 1921
Colored School, Chesapeake District June 1921
Fox Hill School July 1925
Greenbriar Colored School September 1929
Hampton High School August 1921
John Willis School December 1929
Union Street School May 1921
Woodrow Wilson School May 1921

Thanks for all this information, Dave!

Having several verified photos of Stonewall Jackson School to view, ranging from its original design to its final configuration, I can only conclude that this image IS NOT Stonewall Jackson School. The school in this image has glaring architectural differences from the verified images. It is possible that the publishers cleverly added the school name above the entrance, but there is no evidence that the real Jackson School ever had such an entrance with those types of columns. Further, the window design and placement does not match any verified image, and there is no verified image ever showing a cupola.  There are other differences, but I think I have made my point.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/23/08
OHHHH! Thanks so much, Dave!

(This page was created on 03/25/03, and amended at last on 07/23/08.)

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