The Hobby Center
3704 Washington Avenue
Downtown Newport News, VA 23607
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Hi, Carol:
After displaying "Old Glory" at dawn, the next item on my "To Do List" was to catch up on many emails of which several were Newsletters
from you as you cleared some of the "backlog" of the many interesting items submitted by your subscribers.
The combination of two items submitted by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA and Glenn Dye ('60) of TX prompted me to recall what a thrill it was to enjoy the display of model railroads at The Hobby Center during Christmas and New Year while we were students at NNHS. I was pleased to find you have a page in Our Old Stomping Grounds section of your website, but a bit disappointed to find no comments or memories of this outstanding place by your many subscribers.
Many model railroad enthusiast will remember the outstanding display created each year, with the snow scenes and valley vistas by The Hobby Center employees each year. They were well worth seeing, and it took a good pace to grab a quick bite of lunch and head out to see the latest display of model railroading year after year. It was so elaborate, that it is difficult to describe them. Usually a smaller version was placed in one of the display windows that faced Washington Avenue so it could be enjoyed by those passing by after business hours.
It was difficult to break away in time to return to class, so I do hope others might remember this merchant and the wonderful displays that must have taken many hours each year for our enjoyment and to excite the young TYPHOON who would visit.
TYPHOON Regards,
- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 09/11/07
Thanks, Joe!

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