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1949 Anchor, p.142


Courtesy of Lloyd Nelson ('61) of VA
Thanks so much, Lloyd!


I Need You

(The Beatles)

You donít realize how much I need you,
Love you all the time and never leave you,
Please come back to me, Iím lonely as can be.
Said you had a thing or two to tell me,
How was I to know you would upset me.
I didnít realize as I looked in your eyes, I need you.
You told me, oh yes you told me
You donít want my loviní anymore.
Thatís when it hurt me and feeling like this
I just donít go on anymore.
Please remember how I feel about you,
I could never really live without you,
So, come on back and see
Just what you mean to me
I need you I need you.

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