Garden Pharmacy
Wickham Avenue
Stuart Gardens Shopping Center
Newport News, VA 23607

"Doc" Belcastro, Owner



...As to the question of the Stuart Gardens Shopping Center.  My parents moved to Newport News, my mother's hometown, in 1947
and my father opened the Garden Bake Shop in that small strip center.  My first memory had the Colonial Store at one end, then the
Garden Pharmacy owned by Doc Belcastro, then the bakery, then Bernard's  5 & 10, then a dairy store, then Al Sandler's bar, penny
candy case and a lending library, then some offices, Dr. Berlin upstairs, Dr. Mirmelstein, the dentist, downstairs and then the wonderful
Stuart Theater. I may have missed something else, but at my advanced years, those seem to have been the line up in the late 40's. 
The Stuart Theater (owned by the Gordon families) closed and became Rich's Grocery Store.

- David Rosenwasser ('64) of MO - 07/14/09

Thanks so much, David! I knew you would recall that line-up correctly!

Memories of the Garden Pharmacy in Stuart memory is a painful lesson in life.  I had Daddy's car one evening......can't remember where I told him I was going, maybe the library?  Noooo, I headed straight to the Garden Pharmacy, where a guy I liked worked........talked to him for a bit, then he introduced me to his cute friend.   Anyhoo, the car wouldn't start when I needed to get back home.......had to call Daddy, so he could take care of the situation.  Of course, as we all know, lying to Daddy was worse than the car breaking down.  I didn't get the car again anytime soon, but that cute guy became my first "real" boyfriend for two years!! 

- Gloria Woolard Price (Hampton HS - '65) of FL - 07/18/09

GIGGLES! Thanks, Gloria - you naughty baby!

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