Fraternities and Sororities

This page was created at the light suggestion of Wayne Stokes of VA - 02/26/04:

"I think it would be a great idea to have
a Sorority/Fraternity picture entry or even page.
Not to insult anyone, but it was a fact that we had social "clubs":
membership by unanimous approval only (SPD).
Everyone knows that.  It's simply a truth."

- Wayne Stokes of VA - 02/26/04

"If YOU choose to make such a page, have at it.
I did not intend to lead you in a direction that may be
an additional burden to you."

- Wayne Stokes of VA - 02/27/04

Okay, Wayne - Here you go!  Thanks! Not at all, Wayne!  A great idea is a great idea!

As I didn't keep records of the full names of the fraternities or sororities,
some of them are not accurately identified until verification arrives from a member.
Please send your additions, corrections, images, memorabilia and stories to
Thanks!  - Carol

"...a selection of "Animal House" images, any one or all of which would lend just the right anarchic atmosphere to the page."

- Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/28/04
Thanks, Dave!

03/03/04 Delta Phi Omega - established 1960
04/18/11 Kappa Delta Tau
03/05/04 Phi Kappa Eta - established 1959
03/04/04 Sigma Omicron T. - established @ 1961
07/22/10 Sigma Phi Delta - established 1957
08/20/07 BONUS: From Hampton High School (courtesy of F.A. Saunders (HHS - '64) of VA:
Phi Sigma Chi
03/02/04 Alpha Beta Chi
03/05/04 Alpha Gamma P.
03/06/04 Alpha Sigma Chi
06/10/04 Delta Lambda Chi
03/07/04 P. Gamma Kappa
03/06/04 P. Lambda Kappa
02/28/04 Sigma Delta Phi
01/12/05 Sigma Lambda Theta - established 1957
03/05/04 Theta Delta Chi - established 1962
06/13/06 T. Delta Kappa - established 1959
03/05/04 T. Delta P.
Other Associations
03/04/04 Aleph Zadik Aleph  - established 1924 -
03/04/04 Al's Gang a.k.a. U. L. P. - established 1962
06/10/04 Naked Boys of Newport News High - established 1965
10/02/06 Tri-Hi-Y

There was another fraternity established in 1960-61 called the DPO - Delta Phi Omega.
 Its colors were red, white and blue, I think, and had a triangular shaped patch with DPO in Greek Letters on it.
Curtis Lauterbach was the president.  I was a member and there were about 12 others.
I moved away for 6 months and when I moved back it no longer existed.

Also the infamous association the "Naked Boys of Newport News High" 1965 should not be overlooked.
This association actually created shirts with a blue Naked silhouette on them, encircled by "The Naked Boys of NNHS", 
One might ask why did this association emerge?  Please don't, I really don't know, It was something to do?
Anyway the members were numerous. 
There was Naked Skip W., Naked Joe W., Naked Charlie E., Naked Bill S., Naked Wayne F., Naked Charlie P., etc., etc.
Thank Goodness we never had a meeting.
I'm sure all the Nakeds would own up to our prestigious organization.

- Charlie Phillips of TN - 03/03/04
Thanks, Charlie!


You've solved a Great 39-year old Mystery for me, Charlie!
I well remember y'all calling each other "Naked Joe" and such, and several of y'all - you included -
 signed my senior Anchor "Naked Boy", and I just never had the nerve to ask why!

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 03/03/04


Thinking about it, I'm not sure you want to call Al's Gang or the Nakeds as a Fraternity.
You might want to classify them as Other Clubs or Associations?

- Charlie Phillips of TN - 03/03/04
Thanks, Charlie!


Okay, Charlie!  We aim to please!

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 03/03/04


"...nothing new or original here. We MUST use 'Louie, Louie' .... nothing else would even come close."
- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/28/04

Thanks, Dave!  You are a SUPER genius!

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