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Saturday, September 13, 1997
(Class of 1962 - 35th Reunion Booklet - shamelessly pilfered without permission from anyone at all)

FRONT ROW: Carolin McPherson Gregory of VA, Pat Sykes Cogley-Anhalt of IL,
Frances Heath Scott of VA, Brownie Shaffer Haracivet of the Virgin Islands;
BACK ROW: Tina Burroughs of FL; Barbara Ellis Preece of KY, Joyce Benton Bowden of VA,
Nancy Horton Gardner of FL, Stephanie Spradlin Hayes of VA, Millie Fallin Henn of TX,
Pam Larmer Traugott of VA, and Brenda Veazey Keech of NC

(Go ahead - enlarge the image - you'll never be able to see anything THIS way!)


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Rita Baab
Betsy Barnhouse
Joyce Benton
Tina Burroughs
Barbara Ellis
Millie Fallin
Frances Heath
Nancy Horton
Pam Larmer
Carolin McPherson
Sally Morewitz
Josie Morgan
Ginny Morton
Florence Padgett
Brownie Shaffer
Stephanie Spradlin
Sue Sutton
Patty Sykes
Wanda Thornhill
Brenda Veazey




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