T. Delta Kappa

established 1959


Class of '62 Class of '63 Class of '64
Kay Bowen
Juanita Hayes
Burt Hill
Debbie Holton
Irene James
Jean Maddy
Pat Massey
Margaret Moore
Carol Pettenbrink
Judy Rountree
Paula Sturtevant
Puddy Timberlake
Jane Walker
Patty Walsh
Dee Gee Wilkinson

Susan Bauz
Sharon Daniels
Norma Helmick
Susie Jeffers
Mary Lou Knowles
Pam Roane
Betty Spain





Kay Gillespie
Annette Rouse









Hey again Carol,

I found my list of TDK members that aren't included on your list:

Kay Bowen ('62), Jean Maddy ('62), Pat Massey ('62), Puddy Timberlake ('62), Jane Walker ('62),
Dee Gee Wilkinson ('62), Susan Bauz ('63) and Norma Helmick ('63).

Linda Mahanes ('63) wasn't in TDK and I don't remember Lynn Wright ('63) being in it either.

I think we established it in 1959, but I'm not sure.  I have some old newspaper clippings somewhere -
I'll try to find them.

Love, Paula

- Paula Sturtevant Comstock ('62) of TX - 05/13/06
OOOPS!  Thanks, Paula!

I found the other names for the TDK Sorority and it was fun to look back through stuff.  Names are: 
Patty Walsh ('62); Debbie Holton ('62); Annette Rouse ('64); and Kay Gillespie ('64) and it was founded in 1959.

- Paula Sturtevant Comstock ('62) of TX - 06/11/06
Thanks so much, Paula!

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