Phi Kappa Eta

established 1959

Colors - orange, blue and white


Class of '60 Class of '61 Class of '62
Wayne Johnson - President Wilton Bradford
Jerry Zoumplis - President
Butch Buffington - Founder

Class of '63

Ken Lipscomb
Craig Miller
Jesse Miller (maybe)


Our thanks to Craig Miller ('63) of FL and Jerry Zoumplis ('61) of VA for their help with this page:

(Jerry,) what was the name of that goofy fraternity that Butch Buffington started that we were in?

- Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/02/04
Thanks, Craig!

It just so happens that I was the President of that goofy fraternity in its second year!!!!!!!
The name was Phi Kappa Eta (PKE).   I'm sure you still have your jacket.

- Jerry Zoumplis ('61) of VA - 03/02/04
Thanks, Jerry!

Jerry - can't find the jacket.  But I remember it was white, right?
What were the colors of our patch?  Do you still have one?

- Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 03/03/04
Thanks, Craig!

The patch was blue and orange and white.
Somewhere in my mother's house that jacket still exists.

- Jerry Zoumplis ('61) of VA - 03/03/04
Thanks, Jerry!

Actually, most of the guys in the band were at one time or another in the Fraternity.
The year I was President there were about 40 members.
 Wayne Johnson was the President the year before me and I'm not sure who was elected the next year.

- Jerry Zoumplis ('61) of VA - 03/05/04
Thanks, Jerry!

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