Naked Boys of Newport News High

established 1965


Class of '65 Class of '66
Naked Charles Embler
Naked Charlie Phillips
Naked Wayne Frizzell
Naked Joe Mooney
Naked Don Reed
Naked Bill Schroding
Naked Ken Taylor
Naked Joe Wingo
Naked Skip Wood
Naked David Cutler
Naked Brent Parkins

Also the infamous association the "Naked Boys of Newport News High" 1965 should not be overlooked.
This association actually created shirts with a blue Naked silhouette on them, encircled by "The Naked Boys of NNHS", 
One might ask why did this association emerge?  Please don't, I really don't know, It was something to do?
Anyway the members were numerous. 
There was Naked Skip W., Naked Joe W., Naked Charlie E., Naked Bill S., Naked Wayne F., Naked Charlie P., etc., etc.
Thank Goodness we never had a meeting.
I'm sure all the Nakeds would own up to our prestigious organization.

- Charlie Phillips of TN - 03/03/04
Thanks, Charlie!

It is amazing the things you learn about your sibling on the internet.
I never knew my brother was a member of a naked boys' club.
Wait 'til I tell Mom, Charlie.  You and Skip Wood, what a couple.

- Cookie Phillips Tyndall of VA - 06/10/04
Hee-Hee!  Thanks, Cookie!

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