Famous Soldiers
Bronze Star Official Seal of the Army Medal of Honor
Images courtesy of Maj. Joseph A. Madagan, USAR Ret. ('57) of FL - 06/25/04
Thanks, Joe!

This list is comprised of people whose main fame comes from their life OUTSIDE their military service,
and should not be confused with "Noteworthy Soldiers", although the two are not mutually exclusive.

NOTE: This page is in the process of being separated into smaller sections.  This will allow for greater stability,
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already been removed to their own pages.  Before my computer crashed in May of 2005, I had a long list
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happened, and now they are all lost.  I apologize for the many errors and omissions which still exist.

- Carol Harty, 02/15/05, 02/11/06

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Liz Alvey

(Merle Elizabeth Alvey)

23 Aug 1932
San Pedro, CA
Living * Music, English and
Sociology Teacher
* My Friend

James Arness

(James King Aurness)

26 May 1923
Minneapolis, MN

03 June 2011
Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

* Actor
* Producer


  Bobby Artman

(Robert Bennett Artman)

02 Jan 1945
Newport News, VA
25 Oct 2000
Placerville, CO
* Newport News High School, Class of 1963
* My Friend



07  Feb 1944
Jimmy and Frances Atkinson

Jimmy Atkinson

(Leon Abbott Atkinson, Jr.)

15 Apr 1913
Richmond, VA

11 May 2006
Richmond, VA

* Salesman
* My Uncle


  Hank Barbe

(Henry James Barbe)

17 Jan 1974
San Antonio, TX
Living * Blanco High School,
Class of 1992
* Football Coach
* My Friend
* LDS Fast Tracker
* Awesome Dude
Ernie Blanchard

(James Ernest Blanchard)
03 Aug 1947 11 Jan 2004
Mathews, VA


* Newport News High School, Class of 1965
* Fire Captain



VMI - about 1960


July 1960

Cadet Booth (second from left) firing an M-16 rifle during training at the Fort Knox ROTC summer camp.

Clarke Booth

(John Clarke Booth, III, D.D.S.)

10 May 1939
Richmond, VA

30 Aug 2015
Clearwater, FL

* Dental Surgeon
* My First Cousin


1 July 1941

Mike Booth

(John Clarke Booth, Jr.)

17 Apr 1904
Richmond, VA

 25 Mar 1974
Arlington, VA

* Highway Engineer -
State of VA
* My Uncle

Jimmy Brandon

(James Miles Brandon, Jr.)

01 Feb 1946
17 Mar 1967
Binh Duong, South Vietnam
* Newport News High School,
Class of 196


David Brinkley

(David McClure Brinkley)

10 July 1920
Wilmington, NC
11 June 2003
Houston, TX

(complications from a fall)

* Broadcast Journalist


  Bill Brinkopf

(William Henry Brinkopf)
11 Mar 1926
Cape Girardeau, MO
06 Aug 2005
Cape Girardeau, MO
* Owner Sunny Hill Garden and Pet Center, Cape Girardeau, MO
* Paul's Uncle





Mel Brooks

(Melvin Kaminsky)

28 June 1926
Brooklyn, NY


* Actor
* Writer
* Producer
* Director
* Composer


16 Oct 2002 - Ft. Bragg, NC

Michael, Ben and Leneen Brophy

Mike Brophy

(Michael Daniel Brophy)

23 July 1969
Northampton, MA


* Leneen's Husband
* Ben's Daddy
* My Friend


Jack Buck

(John Francis Buck)

21 Aug 1924
Holyoke, MA

18 June 2002
St. Louis, MO

* Cardinals Baseball
Announcer, 1954-2001
* Poet, Author
* Father of Eight





31 Oct 1942 - New Britain, CT

 Graham and Barbara Buckley

Graham Buckley

(Hubert Graham Buckley)

22 Aug 1919
Richmond, VA

21 May 1992
Middletown, CT

* My Uncle


Richmond, VA

6 June 1944
Omaha Beach,
Normandy, France
Regimental Surgeon,
116th Infantry, 29th Division
(kneeling on right)

Robert Buckley

(Millard Robert Buckley, M.D.)

19 Oct 1907
Richmond, VA

25 Apr 1960
Newport News, VA

(coronary thrombosis)

* John Marshall High School, Class of 1925
* Physician
* Chief of Domiciliary Clinic, Kecoughtan Veterans Administration Hospital, Hampton, VA,
1954- 1960
* My Father




Ft. Gordon, GA

Ft. Gordon, GA
Bill Campbell

(William Austin Campbell, Sr.)

27 Apr 1936
Thomasville, NC
Living * Newport News High School, Class of 1954
* B
asic training at Ft.
Jackson, S.C. and Signal
Corps School at Camp
Gordon (now upgraded
to FORT Gordon), GA
* Saxophonist in the
Southeastern Signal
* University of Virginia

* Engineer with N.A.S.A.
at Langley
* My Friend
"The time that I spent in the U.S. Army was the best investment I ever made, because it allowed me to go to the University of Virginia on the G.I. Bill (couldn't have afforded it otherwise), which allowed me to graduate with an engineering degree, which allowed me to get a job as an engineer with N.A.S.A. at Langley, which allowed me to get jobs with N.A.S.A contractors, which allowed me to make a lot of money, retire, and live happily ever after. "
 - 06/18/06
Ernest F. Canaday

(Ernest Franklin Canaday)

05 May 1893
Carroll County, MO
16 Sep 1987 Richmond, VA * University of Missouri -
Columbia: M.A., 1916
* Duke University: Ph.D,
* Professor of Mathematics
* Maternal Grandfather
Al Simms (Newport News High School,
Class of 1960) of VA





Art Carney

(Arthur William Matthew Carney)

04 Nov 1918
 Mt Vernon, NY

09 Nov 2003
Chester, CT

* Actor
* My Uncle Graham's
Next-Door Neighbor

  Julia Child

(Julia McWilliams Child)

15 Aug 1912
Pasadena, CA
12 Aug 2004
Santa Barbara, CA
* PBS-TV's "The
French Chef"
* Author




1932 - Fort Knox, KY
Harry Covert

(Harry Melvin Covert, Sr.)

20 Sept 1908
Bear Creek (Palmer), IL



04 Dec 1985
Newport News, VA



* Served three-year tour in Panama (14th Infantry Regiment); reenlisted in the Army Air Corps at Selfridge Field, Detroit, MI;
trained at Chanute Field, IL
* 1937 - B-17 Radio Operator, Langley Field, VA
* 1943 - Ordained by the Church of God
* Father of Harry ('57), Norm ('61), and Rachel ('64)
Norm Covert

(Norman Marshall Covert)

10 Feb 1943
Newport News, VA
Living * Newport News High School, Class of 1961
* Public Affairs Officer and Command Historian
at Fort Detrick, MD (1977-1999)
* My Friend




  Peggy Crotty

(Margaret Atkinson Crotty)

18 Jan 1922
Hampton, VA
25 Sept 2006
Newport News, VA
* Registered Nurse
My Daddy's Nurse at
Kecoughtan Veterans Hospital, Hampton, VA
* My Friend




Joe DiMaggio

(Joseph Paul DiMaggio)

25 Nov 1914
Martinez, CA

08 Mar 1999
Hollywood, CA
(lung cancer)

* Baseball Legend

  James C. Dobson

(James Clayton Dobson)

21 Apr 1936 Living * Associate Clinical
Professor of Pediatrics at
the University of Southern
California School of
* Attending Staff of
Children's Hospital of Los
Angeles in the Division of
Child Development and
Medical Genetics
* Author
* Founder and President
of Focus on the Family






Robert J. Dole

(Robert Joseph Dole)

22 July 1923
Russell, KS


* Political Leader (R)



Charles Duke

(Charles Edward Duke)

10 Oct 1943
Newport News, VA
14 June 2004
Richmond, VA
* Newport News High School, Class of 1962



John E. Ellis

(John Eugene Ellis)

18 Aug 1919
Franklin County, VA
15 Dec 1987
Lakeland, FL

* Police Officer, City
of Newport News, VA
* Superintendent
of Sanitation, Department
of Public Works, City
of Newport News, VA
* Father-in-Law of Joe
Newport News High School, Class
of 1957

United States Military Academy - Class of 1915
("The Class the Stars Fell On").

1916 - Mamie and Dwight Eisenhower - Wedding Portrait

1919 - Capt. Eisenhower beside a U.S. Renault light tank

Dwight D. Eisenhower

(Dwight David Eisenhower)

14 Oct 1890
Denison, TX

28 Mar 1969
Washington, D.C.

* 34th President of the U.S.,
1953 - 1961




This is the Official Army portrait of General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, painted posthumously in 1973 by Nicodemus D. Hufford, using photographs of General Eisenhower.
  Fred Eubank

(Frederick Craig Eubank)

26 June 1946 Living * US Army, 1968 to 1971
* US Army Corps
of Engineers for 30 years
Newport News High School, Class of 1964
* My Friend

1967 - Ft. Bragg, NC

1968 - Germany
Al Farber

(Alan Lee Farber)

22 Oct 1946
Newport News, VA
Living * Newport News High School, Class of 1964
* My Friend
* US Army, 1967 to 1969
* Atlanta, GA Retailer
for 36 years
* Husband; Father of Two
Daughters; Grandfather
of One Girl
  Shelby Foote

(Shelby Dade Foote, Jr.)

17 Nov 1916
Greenville, MS
27 June 2005
Memphis, TN

(heart attack)

* Novelist
* Historian




Colonial Army Color Guard Friday, June 11, 2004 Friday, June 11, 2004

U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban in the mountains
Here is the new Stryker Brigade vehicle. The Humvees are
being replaced by this armored vehicle to provide more fire power and better protection for our soldiers. They are being deployed to Iraq as rotations take place.

Courtesy of Maj. Joseph A. Madagan, USAR Ret. ('57) of FL - 06/25/04
Thanks, Joe!

Celebrities who participated in WWII






The name "Tank" was given to the Armored Weapon Platform Vehicle when it was a Top Secret project
in development in England during World War I. When it came time to ship by rail flatcars, some of the proto types,
from the factory to the field for testing, the British covered them with canvass. This huge cargo got a lot of attention,
and when asked what was under the canvass, the British General in charge answered, "a Tank", as in a large container
that holds liquids. That name stuck as the name of the "Secret Project Vehicle", and it still sticks today.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/25/04
Thanks, Joe!

May I nominate General George Catlett Marshall for the Famous Soldiers page.
General of the Army Marshall lead the United States Army during World War II, and was later named Secretary of State.
He is the only military person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
The reconstruction of Europe following World War II was a monumental task
and it was conducted and completed under the Marshall Plan.
He is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia.
The George C. Marshall Foundation, Lexington, VA provides scholarships, education, and services
from the dedicated building, library and museum on the campus of VMI.
Here us a photograph of an informal pose while his Official Photo was being taken,
and I will send you links for your readers to become more familiar with the work of this Famous Soldier.
He asked General Omar Bradley to manage an Officer Candidate School during World War II
to provide the Army more commissioned officers during the time of war.
That school still exist today at Fort Benning, Georgia and it provides our Army with fine leaders
who are selected for a commission from the enlisted ranks.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/02/04
Certainly, Major Madagan!

Although of course I'd not forgotten the Marshall Plan, I somehow had not thought through the Secretary of State role. 
While it's obvious that Gen. Marshall belongs on anyone's list of Noteworthy Soldiers, it's clear that his activities
outside his military career brought him an equal amount of fame, and I'm honored to add his name now.
And as you yourself, sir, are a graduate of the aforementioned Officer Candidate School,
if it had to be brought to my attention, you are the very man to do it.  Thank you once again

May I nominate Jackie Robinson; Soldier and Professional Baseball Player.
Attended Pasadena Junior College in 1938.
Entered UCLA 1939-Lettered in Four Sports. On June 10, 1984 inducted into UCLA Sports Hall of Fame.
In 1942 given Draft Notice, on April 3, 1942 Inducted into the United States Army as a Private, and stationed at Fort Riley, KS.
On January 28, 1943 graduated from Officer Candidate School and commissioned as 2nd LT, Cavalry, posted at Camp Hood, TX. Discharged on November 28, 1944.
Professional Baseball: Kansas City Monarchs, Montreal Royals, Brooklyn Dodgers. Number 42.
June 1972 Number 42 retired, along with Roy Campanella #39, Sandy Koufax #2.
Died October 23, 1972

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 07/14/04
Certainly, Major Madagan!

May I nominate Robert E. Lee, a beloved Virginian, for inclusion on your Famous Soldiers page?
Lee graduated from West Point and distinguished himself in the Mexican War 1846-48.
In 1861 he joined the army of the Confederacy of Southern states; in 1862 he received the command
of the Army of Northern Virginia and won the Seven Days' Battle defending Richmond, Virginia,
the Confederate capital, against General McClellan's Union forces.
In 1863 Lee won victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, both in Virginia,
and in 1864 at Cold Harbor, Virginia, but was besieged in Petersburg, Virginia, June 1864-April 1865.
He surrendered to General Grant on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox Courthouse.
Following the war he was paroled and served as president of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University).
His home had been seized by Union forces and now is part of Arlington National Cemetery.

Best regards,
Kelly Loose Bustamante ('58) of TX - 07/19/04

Kelly, my face is too red at this omission to make an adequate response.
My only defense is that I wasn't dipping this far back in time before now.
Thanks, Kelly!

Hey, since Neil A. Maxwell passed away today,
the Church's website has a bunch of pictures of him throughout his life
including a couple of shots of him  in uniform.
I figured you might want em....
 Love ya, and bye. Oh yeah, the site to look at is


- Nathaniel Harty of IL - 07/22/04

Thanks, Nathaniel!

I discovered a tid-bit of information today, while reading "The Burma Road" by Donovan Webster.
I may have discovered another Famous Soldier. Julia McWilliams served in the OSS in the India, Burma, China theatre.
She was stationed at the SEAC Headquarters at Kandy, Ceylon during World War II.
SEAC commander was Lord Louis Mountbatten.
She later became famous as "The French Chef" after marrying and became the well known Julia Child.
How about that for a bit of information. Just might qualify her as a Famous Soldier.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/07/04
It most certainly does, Major Madagan!  Thanks!

May I please nominate Secretary of State Colin Powell as a Famous Soldier.
Also, David Brinkley (Deceased) was a soldier in World War II,
and most of his unit was killed in action on the beaches of Normandy. Thanks.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/18/04
Oh, what an embarrassing oversight!  Thank you, Major Madagan!

Something said that someone mentioned not having a military photo for James Arness for the famous soldiers section?
One is attached. Also his given name is James King Aurness (notice last name spelling change).

- Eric Huffstutler (BHS - '75) - 11/08/04
That would have been Joe Madagan - and today is his 65th Birthday!  What a nice surprise for him!  Thanks, Eric!

"Caisons Go Rolling" midi courtesy of http://members.tripod.com/~Son_Struck/pmm.html.

Images of Eisenhower courtesy of Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 06/25/04
Thanks, Joe!

MOST of the full given names on this page were supplied by Eric Huffstutler (Bethel High School - '75) of VA
Thanks so much, Eric!

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