The Drive-Ins

02/22/09  Anchor Drive-In 10121 Jefferson Avenue GONE! NOW Francisco Village Shopping Center
02/22/09 Green Acres Drive-In 2327 W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton GONE! NOW United Rentals (Construction Equipment Rentals)
02/22/09 Sidney Lust's Drive-In 1300 Block W. Pembroke Avenue, Hampton GONE! NOW various home improvement businesses
02/25/09 York Drive-In Route 17 and Victory Boulevard, Tabb GONE! NOW Wal-Mart Super Center

I purposely avoided including drive-ins, as most of those reminiscences may be
inappropriate for a ... (ahem) ... 'family' web site.

 - Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 03/13/03


 Actually, two of my funniest memories involve a drive-in:

In the interest of being discreet,   I'll omit the name of my date.  We decided it would be 'interesting' to go into the
snack bar and buy two of every smoke-able object there, and spend the evening testing them.  So throughout the movie,
we each smoked a cigarette, a Tiparillo, a cigar, and a pipe.  The Tiparillo was actually kinda fun, but the end result
was that I burnt my nose trying to light my cigarette.  I decided it wouldn't really be a good hobby for me, if it required
constant assistance from someone else - not to mention the fact that I'm far too big a cheapskate to pay big bucks
for something I'm just planning to set afire.  At the end of the evening, even though we had had much fun, I was a bit
nauseated, and a confirmed non-smoker.

    My other funny drive-in experience was with a bunch of girls piled in someone's car - and I've no idea who those
girls were at this late date - to watch (gasp!) "Mondo Cane"!  How shockingly daring of us! 
When we weren't gagging, we were laughing at how naughty we were for being there.

- Carol Buckley Harty of NC - 03/13/03

- Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/06/04
Thanks, Dave!

Couple in Car clip art courtesy of two - 05/13/03

Drive-in Cars clip art courtesy of - 11/24/03

Bob Calvert Drive-In Sound Clip courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/15/04
WOWZERONI!  Thanks, Dave!

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