Danny's Deli
Warwick Shopping Center
10838 Warwick Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23601


  Daily Press Photo/David Nicholson

Danny's Deli celebrates 50 years on Nov. 12 (2010)

Danny’s Deli Restaurant is celebrating a milestone - 50 years in business - on Friday, Nov. 12.

The Newport News eatery was opened by Danny and Mimi Green in November 1960. In 1976, it was purchased
by Maurice and Renee Salken who operated it for 13 years. After that, the deli was briefly owned by Michael and
Janice Jakubowski before the current owners, William and Deborah Vaccarelli, purchased it in 1990.

Over the years, the deli has kept its same name and has become a popular destination for the community.
Many long-time employees still work there.

On Nov. 12, there’ll be drawings for Danny’s gift certificates and T-shirts, bags of goodies for the kids,
and everyone gets a piece of birthday cake. Happy birthday!

- Posted in the Daily Press by David Nicholson on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 08:14 AM.

Thanks, Carol,

It was a wonderful store and my dad was so excited when he opened it.
I have fond memories of all the wonderful customers we served.
And how many teenage girls had a sandwich named for them (I hated that part).
The people who own it today are very nice and I wish them many more happy years in the business.

- Ronni Green Cristol ('64) of MD - 11/10/10
Thank you, Ronni!

Yep, it's still there and Nachman's, Shoney's, and all others that were around it (just about all) are gone! I think I've been in it once?

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 11/10/10
Thanks, Wayne!


 - Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 11/10/10
Thanks, Joe!


Here's a bit of little-known trivia about Danny's.

During the late 1960s and early 70's, Danny's delights were once an integral part of visits to NNS by Admiral (Hyman G.) Rickover (or - THE Admiral, as he was usually called by at NNS, back then). 

To conduct inspections of work in progress, he most often arrived around 6 to 7 PM; after putting in a full day at his office in DC. He flew (commercial) into PHF and was usually met by a shipyard station wagon and driver. That is, after he once refused to get into a s/y limo.

Upon his arrival at the yard, he went straight to the local Naval Reactors office, which was in the same building as what was then called the Atomic Power Division. Awaiting him there were several nervous shipyard officials and engineers...and a big platter of Danny's delights. It was always a three-course 'meal' - various selections of Danny's signature sandwiches, NY cheesecake and huge pickles.  

THE Admiral would make his selections first, then disappear into the local NR top dog's private office. As others (which on a few occasions included me), grabbed sandwiches, he yelled out for this or that person to come in and brief him. Those sessions were rarely pleasant. Or lengthy. But loud enough for the already nervous to overhear. Not good for the digestion.

As soon as THE Admiral finished his food, he popped out of that office, ready to tour ships under construction or visit other areas in the s/y where 'his' work was being done. Different people at NNS had already been assigned to brief him 'on the spot' at each place on each night's visit list. They were all present, and had to grab a sandwich and eat rapidly...although on more than one occasion, they didn't get to finish.

When THE Admiral was ready to go touring, everyone had to drop their food and follow along. At each point of inspection, one of the group would brief THE Admiral - and usually get berated for this or that real or imagined imperfection.

Once each person endured that little drama, they were free to drop out of the group. Those 'tours' lasted hours and ranged all over the NNS waterfront. Everyone walked. THE Admiral, a man in his 70's at the time, maintained a torrid pace.

Whenever I was one of the presenters, we rapidly strode the short distance to a full scale mock-up that was used to help design the NIMITZ-Class propulsion plant. When done there, I was free to go home...or back to the office, where I could leisurely some of Danny's delicacies. Usually a piece (maybe two) of cheesecake.

Topped off by one of those big pickles. My stomach was only in its mid-30's 'way back then...and apparently made of cast iron!   

It was an unusual - and obviously memorable - part of my shipyard career. Thanks to THE Admiral...and Danny.

- Bill Lee (Warwick HS - '54) of NC - 11/12/10
WOWZERS! This is THE coolest story! Thank you so very much, Bill!

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