Copeland Park Apartments
between Aberdeen Road and Briarfield Road
Hampton, VA


January, 1951
David Whitley - 20 months old

1953 - perhaps Easter Sunday?
David Whitley and his mom,
Mary Faison Parker Whitley

about 1954
David Whitley

1946 - Copeland Park Administrative Center

My dad, David John Cherry, my mom, Virginia, and me, Janie Margaret (about 3 years old), Copeland Park, about 1946

Courtesy of David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/07/05
How precious!  Thanks so much, David!


Courtesy of Janie Cherry Cratch - 07/16/18
Thank you, Janie!

How about Copeland Park?  Are there any former residents out there? 
I was brought home from Riverside Hospital (the downtown one) to 48th Street,
then in second grade, moved to F Street. 
Years after they were torn down, I used to take a nostalgic visit…….
48th Street was easy to find because a driver’s education tower had been erected right on the spot!

- Gloria Woolard Price (HHS - '65) of FL - 02/12/05
Thanks, Gloria!

Don't know if you're familiar with Copeland Park (which is no more), but it was Government
wartime housing between Aberdeen Road and Briarfield Road in Hampton.
Ask any peninsula native our age, and they'll probably tell you they lived in C.P.
at one time. I lived there from birth until '58 when we bought a brand
spankin' new house in Newmarket Village.  wooo hooo!

- David Whitley ('67) of VA - 03/02/05
Thanks, David!

Copeland Park - 1942 to 1945: As a 6-year-old I moved onto E Street one rainy Sunday in October 1942.
Started school before the Copeland Park school was completed, according to notes my mother made.
Am taking a memoirs class now so these memories are coming back. We had a wonderful family, the Nelsons,
who lived in the other side of the house and shared many good times—especially trips to Buckroe!

- Mary Ann Robertson Boyd - 10/05/15
Thanks, Mary Ann!

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