Colonial Hotel
50th Street and Washington Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607

Courtesy of  Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA
Thanks, Aretie!
Image by Steve Silsby (FHS - '72) of NC
Thanks, Steve!
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The buildings between 49th and 50th Streets on Washington Avenue that Wayne Stokes ('65 - of VA)
asked about were the Colonial Hotel on the 50th Street end and the restaurant on the 49th Street end
was the Colony Restaurant. He's right that the Colonial was not a 5 star by any stretch of the imagination,
at least not in the late 50's. I have the impression that many of the people who stayed there were
single men, some of whom were down and out on their luck, but I don't know if that was an accurate impression.

The restaurant was not exactly a 5 stars either. It catered to the shipyard breakfast and lunch crowds.
It was built, owned, and operated by my father, Jimmy Gallins, and his partners, after he sold
the Sanitary Lunch downtown on Washington Avenue across from the James Theater

- Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 11/19/05
WOW!  Thanks, Aretie!

Here are some pictures I promised to send. The Colonial Hotel and my father’s restaurant, the Colony Restaurant,
are shown. You can see in the pictures shipyard workers on their lunch hour lined up waiting to get served.
One of the pictures also shows a little bit of one of the Shipyard Apartment Buildings.

When I look at the “NOW” pictures that are posted on the site, the cold, sterile look of the “NOW”  buildings
is such a contrast to the “THEN” buildings with their architecture that gave warmth and a distinctive
personality to downtown.

- Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 11/25/05
WOWZERS!  Thanks, Aretie!

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