1967 Cheerleaders
"Hey! What's all the excitement? Could it be the cheerleaders showing their appreciation to a very school spirited someone? Who is that anyway?" Dru Bryant ('67); Linda Condron ('67); Jennifer Perkins ('67); Cathy Richardson ('68);
Sherry Bell ('67) (Head); Sue David ('68), Judy Salken ('67), Sharon Adcock ('67),
and Gail Lucado ('68)
1967 Anchor, p. 10 1967 Anchor, p. 72
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"Leading the students in displaying school spirit in pep assemblies and at football and basketball games is the job of the Varsity Cheerleaders.
In the spring, try-outs are held to select nine girls from the rising juniors and seniors. This group works hard at developing new and original ideas to help boost school spirit. Sponsoring the group is Miss Harriet Formichelli"
Junior Varsity
Maria Cruz ('69), Head; FIRST ROW: Pam Weaver ('70), Bonnie Smith ('70); SECOND ROW: Patty Barrow ('70), Terry Arrington ('70), Jane Schweida ('69), and Anita Gore ('69).
1967 Anchor, p. 72
 "Promoting school spirit at all Junior Varsity activities are the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. These seven girls work with the Varsity squad in spreading school spirit. Sponsoring the group and supervising try-outs is Miss Harriet Formichelli."

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