1963 Cheerleaders
"Varsity squad and mascots arouse a favorable response with such familiar cheers as, 'Are you proud of your school?'" Hampton Pep Assembly (L. to R. - Front Row) Judy Horton ('63) (Head); (2nd Row) Jane Coltrain ('64); Charlotte Anderson ('63); Mary Anas ('63); (Back Row) Angie Ray ('64); Judy Bell ('64); Linda Bowen ('63); Kay Gillespie ('64); and Diane Rodgers ('63). (uncaptioned) (uncaptioned)
Jane Coltrain ('64); Mary Anas ('63); Judy Bell ('64); Kay Gillespie ('64); Judy Horton ('63) (Head); Linda Bowen ('63); Diane Rodgers ('63); Charlotte Anderson ('63); and Angie Ray ('64). Seniors: Mary Anas ('63); Diane Rodgers ('63); Judy Horton ('63) (Head);
Linda Bowen ('63); and Charlotte Anderson ('63).
Kent Craft ('63) and Charlotte Anderson ('63).
1963 Anchor, p. 86 1963 Anchor, p. 93 1963 Anchor, p. 38 1963 Anchor, p. 173 1963 Anchor, p. 173
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"Through many hours of hard work and practice, the Varsity Cheerleaders put their best face forward.
Because of their planning pep assemblies and cheering in football and basketball games,
school spirit is strengthened and led by these peppy girls. 
Miss Carol Kauffman is the sponsor of the group and assists in helping choose the new cheerleaders each spring."
Sunday, November 25, 1962
Rival Head Cheerleaders Judy Horton ('63)
and Jean Clodfelter (HHS - '63)
Courtesy of Marcus C. Higgins ('65) of AZ - 04/09/07
Thanks, Marcus!
Junior Varsity
 (L. to R. - Front Row) Dianne Adams ('65); Pauline Collins ('65) (Head); Pam Weaver ('66); (Back Row) Pam Smith ('65); Connie Todd ('65); Anne Marlow ('65) and Polly Norris ('65) Wilson Pep Assembly
Pam Smith ('65); Connie Todd ('65); Pam Weaver ('66); Pauline Collins ('65) (Head); Dianne Adams ('65); and
Polly Norris ('65)
1963 Anchor, p. 38 1963 Anchor, p. 93
03/29/04 03/29/04
 " Pep and steam describe these young misses with their cute cheers and support they give at J. V. games.
Applications are accepted in the Spring for cheerleading and some lucky and qualified misses will fill in the squad.
 Even though the J. V. teams don't get the recognition they deserve,
these girls really boost their morale with bright smiles and cheers."

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