The Broadway
3007 Washington Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607

1956 Anchor, p. 165  

Do you remember The Broadway department store on Washington Avenue? On the balcony was the most beautiful doll
dressed in red velvet playing an organ. My great-aunt took me every year to see her and hear the beautiful Christmas Carols
she played. There was actually snow on Christmas Eve one year, as we left the candle light service at Noland Methodist
Who could ask for more?

- Linda Lane Lane ('64) of VA (vacationing in FL) - 12/24/06
Thanks for restoring that precious forgotten memory to me, Linda!

On Broadway

(The Drifters)

They say the neon lights are bright
On Broadway
They say there's always magic in the air
On Broadway
But when you're walking down the street
And you ain't had enough to eat
The glitter rubs right off, and you're nowhere
On Broadway

They say the girls are something else
On Broadway
But looking at them just gives me the blues
On Broadway
But how're ya gonna make some time
When all you got is one thin dime
And one thin dime won't even shine your shoes
On Broadway

They say that I won't last too long
On Broadway
I'll catch a Greyhound bus for home, they all say
On Broadway
But no, no they're wrong, I know they are
'Cause I can play this here guitar
And I won't quit till I'm a star
On Broadway

On Broadway
On Broadway
On Broadway
I'm gonna make it, yeah (On Broadway)
I'll be a big, big, big man (On Broadway)
I'll have my name in lights (On Broadway)
Everybody, everybody's gonna know me, yeah (On Broadway)
Oh, up and down Broadway (On Broadway)

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