Britt's Barber Shop
East End
Newport News, VA 23607
1966 - Kevin's First Haircut  
- Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky of NC - 01/24/04
Thanks, Eleanor!

What a great photo of Mr. Britt!  I took my brother Bill to Britt's Barber Shop many times. 
One time I was not happy about having to take him...he had a nice headful of ringlets...
I took him in and told Mr. Britt to "peel him"!  He did... practically shaved his head!   
My mother was VERY UPSET WITH ME....
I was about 12 and he was about 6... anyway I NEVER had to take him for a haircut again!

- Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 01/02/05
GIGGLES!  Thanks, Jean!

My memories were stirred by the several recent mentions of Britt's Barber Shop in the East End
My father used to go there - always on a Saturday afternoon. 
Sometimes he would take me along if I was, as he put it, due
Being a normal hyper kid, I suffered in the long boring wait for our turn at the crowded Saturday shop.

- Fred Field ('45) of CA - 01/03/05
Thanks, Fred!

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1911 Barber Pole clip art courtesy of - 01/24/04

"Brylcreem Jingle" courtesy of at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/24/04
Thanks, Dave!

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