Briarfield Elementary School
5720 Marshall Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605
- Courtesy of Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 11/04/05;
finally posted 11/23/05
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Image by Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA - 09/10/04
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Briarfield Elementary School

Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/10/04
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Courtesy of Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 11/30/05
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FRONT ROW: Geneva Cole, Elizabeth Tedder, Bonnie _____, Pat _____, Peggy _____, Linda _____, Nancy Sprinkle, Anne Marlow, and Marjorie Warren; BACK ROW: Jerry Perry, Marcus Higgins, Harold Dickinson, Garland Hudson, Jo Ann _____, Mary Pat Robertson *, Margaret Gann, David Leeman, Ricky Tugwell, Curtis Lyle, and Mrs. Palmer.

* "Mary Pat Robertson was badly burned and died several weeks later."

1953 - 1954 School Year
Mrs. Palmer's First Grade
- Courtesy of Elizabeth Tedder Nunnally ('65 / '68) of VA - 09/27/08
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- Courtesy of Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 11/04/05;
finally posted 11/23/05
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THEN - 1955 -1956: THEN - 1956 -1957:
- Courtesy of Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 11/04/05;
finally posted 11/23/05
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THEN - 1956 -1957:
    Mike Barnes ('64) and Clarence (Clyde) Point ('64) TOP ROW: _____, _____, and _____; BOTTOM ROW: Sheila Smith ('64), Sue Miller ('64), and Linda Long ('64)
- Courtesy of Fred Eubank ('64) of TX - 11/04/05;
finally posted 11/23/05
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I would like to submit the attached JPEG images (one small and one large of each) to be added to the Briarfield Elementary School page. All the images (except the one with me standing in front of the school) are from the “School Memories” miniature photo albums (produced by Delmar Studios) that students received every year. Two years are covered, 1955-56 and 1956-57. I was in the fourth and fifth grades respectively. One shows my 5th grade teacher, Ms. Edwards. The “My Favorite Classmates” page shows Mike Barnes and Clarence (Clyde) Point. On the page with 6 photos, I know who they are except the top row, left and middle. If you can’t recognize them, I will send you the names. The three females should be fairly easy to ID, and one was very well known. I don’t know if you’ll want to, or even be able to, post the names on the web site due to privacy concerns. But I’m sure none of these individuals look anything like their images of 50 years ago. I have a few more of these, so let me know if you want them. Thanks.

Frederick Craig Eubank
NNHS Class of 64
San Antonio, TX

Thanks so much, Fred!

Dear Carol:
I really enjoyed the images of the keepsake booklets we received in elementary school that Craig (Fred) Eubank supplied.  (I always knew him as Craig!)  A mouse got into the box in the attic where I kept all that stuff, and I was only able to save a few things. 
Craig, wasn't the top row left Billy MacDowell?  My memory has faded so much.....but I do remember that he and I used to laugh about silly things so much it made my stomach hurt.  Bottom row is me, Sue Miller (Dearnley - '64 - of VA), and Linda Long ('64). 
I remember Mrs. Hamner as being "mean", but then....weren't they all way back then?  My seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Robinson, was very stern, but I consider her one of the best teachers I ever had.  Sherry Spain and I went to visit her after we had entered the eighth grade.  She said, "When you get to high school, the most important thing to remember is this:  There's always two sides to every story."  Words of wisdom I've never forgotten....
Sheila Smith Moler ('64) of VA - 11/24/05
WOW!  Thanks, Sheila!


From Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 02/20/03:

Well, I've sat here quietly for as long as I can----WHERE ARE ALL THE BRIARFIELD/NEWMARKET FOLKS?  Let's hear from you as that area was home
to many of us: Garland Hudson, Donnie Reed, Charles Embler, Edward Fuller, Tom Oxner, Dianne Adams, Carolyn Webb (all '65) me out,
someone.  And
Mrs. Roark, 7th grade teacher at Briarfield Elementary was, without doubt, the most intimidating (mean) teacher EVER.  And remember the
boy's club and
Newmarket Shopping Center?  Come on you BBA'S, SPEAK UP.  My sincere best to each and every  one of you and hope you all are wonderful. 
I enjoy your work, Carol, as it is the only way to "keep up".  Thanks


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/20/03:

Well, Joe, I lived on Highland Court with Donna Worsham on the other side of the arc and Pete Tench on the corner or her arc and  Barry and
David Hatchett on the corner of my arc on the park side.  Many of us went to Parkview Baptist: Van (Rowell), Charles Embler, Donna and many others,
so that was
another connection.  I go by and look at Briarfield once in awhile. It is still there. wow. We went to the little market there on the corner almost daily for
bread or milk or my mom 's cokes... was it Manor Market?
  Debbie Freeman, Billy Roberts, Keith Pennell, Sue (?) who dated and married an Anspach,
are a few other local names that come to mind.  The Basses, Joyce Spake, Larry Moran, Becky Price, Billy Turner, of course.  Thanks, Carol, for this connection to our past and future relationships!


From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 02/20/03:

It was the Manor Market, Frances, and I think the manager's name was Julius and he knew every customer and their kids by name.  Not the kind
service you receive today.  I believe it was Sue Miller ('64) who married Freddie Anspach ('64).


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/20/03:

Yes, you are right!
Remember the skating rink and the drugstore across from it?  I'd go get ice  cream and buy Batman, Superman and Bat Woman comics.  My first big
purchases! I was never too good on the wheels though.


From Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 02/20/03:

Dear Frances,

Your "North End" memories are excellent!  But, I wonder if you could go through the Briarfield "arc" thing again?  I was OK until you got to Pete. 
At that point, I was dizzy and lost!  That's not news! That's a position to which I am most accustomed.  You did bring forth some memorable "names",
thanks.  You know I am KIDDING you! Just trying to have some fun!!


From Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 02/20/03:

While I have gone on for several posts about North End, that was only because my grandparents lived there.  However, I, too, was a Newmarketer
from 1961-1965, and know just about every name that has been listed for that area, especially those on and adjoining Madison Avenue.  And I spent many
days at the Boys' Club, eating 10 cent hot dogs and watching old cowboy movies. Those of you who also went there will remember the Director's name: 
A.T. "Tom" Olaisen.  And I remember all those Highland Court kids.  You left out Kim Lassiter ('65) who lived at the corner of Hilton and Madison.  And
Bobby Simpson ('64)
(who married Terri Triplett - '64) and lived at Madison and 73rd.  Yes, it was Sue Miller ('64) who married Fred Anspach ('64)
She is now married to a fellow named Dearnley. She lived on Hilton where it intersected Clinton Drive.  If you ran the stop sign on Clinton, you could end up
in her living room. 
Speaking of Clinton Drive, some may recall that the Dempsey sisters lived there, and Vicki Edgerton ('66) lived across the street.  I have mentioned
Al Hines
before. He and I lived on 72nd St and palled around with Billy Gallimore sometimes.
Hey, Joe Wingo, I am surprised that you didn't mention Bobby Davis who lived nearby on the other side of Marshall.  Jeez, all those sweaty summer days
when you and Bobby and Donnie Reed ('65) and I lifted weights in that tiny room under the stadium  ....  "badooch". 
We have mentioned Ronnie Wood ('65) before; you recall that he lived in that cul-de-sac just north of your house. He had a "killer" '57 Chevy back then. 
(BTW, Joe, how come your photo did not appear with the Junior Class in my '64 Anchor?)
OK, that should be enough to keep it going. GREAT FUN, isn't it??


From Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 02/20/03:


Frances, thanks so much for your reply. I knew there were so many I was leaving out but being of questionable mental capacity, that's understandable.
 I lived close to most of the folks you mentioned and yes, it was the Manor Market.  Funny how, at the time, we longed to see the world and now those simpler
times seem very appealing.  Great hearing from you, Frances, and hope all remains good in your life.  Take care of yourself.
All my best, Joe


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/20/03:

You are correct, Joe, about wanting to spread our wings.  Yet, I take great comfort in the idea of coming Home, whether that is possible or not.  To me
the river is the homing point for me.   When I come back for a visitor think about the past here at the computer  it is almost like seeing the weave of the fabric
of our lives from a higher perspective, seeing where we have been, what we've learned and hopefully the meaning our lives have and may
continue to have for society and ourselves.  I enjoy the connectedness this board allows me, although we are spread far and wide.
Remember my brother, Sonny Goodson ('66)  and Bobby Kenney ('66)?  They were at the Boy's Club a Lot.  Sonny learned to play chess there.
David Hatchett ('65) married  Linda DeShazo ('65).  Are they on our reunion mailing list or on this site?
From the midst of deep snow: stay warm and pray for Peace!


From Kenny Branch ('62) of AR - 02/20/03:

Hey come on guys; we're not that much older than you!  No one has mentioned my good friend, Harold Anderson, who lived on Highland Court -- both of us
are from the class of '62. As for me I lived on Temple Lane, but only from the 9th grade through graduation (moved to Newport News in 1958).


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/20/03:

Harold Anderson ('62) still sends my father in NN Christmas cards.  He used to spend Christmas morning at our house every year with Keith and Billy. 
He called me when he found out I'd moved to Fairfax but somehow we never got together.
Great guys.


From Ron Smith ('65) of NN, VA - 02/22/03:

Julius Minkoff was the owner of Manor Market.  We just had services for his widow, Ethel Cohen Minkoff.  Sue was initially wed to Fred but after that union
ended she married Ted Dearnley.  I spoke with Sue the other day.  She recently returned from England where her daughter (who just had Sue's third grandchild)
lives.  I too played sandlot football under the power lines after the minister at the old Parkview Presbyterian Church told those of us who played in the lot
beside the church that we couldn't play there anymore.  This was after the Presbyterians moved to their new building on Roanoke Avenue and the former church
became Baptist.  I see David and Linda (Deshazo) Hatchett on a regular basis.  David's mother still lives on Highland Court; the park is still there and the city
has fixed it up so it's no worse and probably better than when we used it.  Speaking of the park, does anyone from Briarfield remember the dances we used to have
on the tennis courts on Thursday evenings in the summer? 



From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/23/03:

Does anyone from the Briarfield School crowd remember a girl named Margaret Gann?  There was a girl named Gloria also who was a sweet girl 
and a friend of mine up until the 4th or 5th grade.  Both she and Margaret may have moved away and I don't remember.

From Betty Bass Belanger ('65) of Northern VA - 02/23/03:

Wanted to chime in as one of the Briarfield crowd & have a few more names to mention--Connie Todd, Wayne Frizelle, Sandra Stewart, Sherry Spain.
teachers I remember were Mrs. Woodward-7th grade,  Mrs. Presley-6th, Mrs. Lerner-4th,Mrs. Birdsall-3rd .  Can't remember the name of my 5th grade
teacher, just remember her mustache!  I agree Mrs. Roark was one intimidating
lady! We lived on Ellen Rd & I remember the snowball truck, Diamonstein's
fountain, the skating rink on Friday nites, Tank (aka Ron Smith)
delivering newspapers. I haven't been back for ages and enjoyed hearing
from other Briarfield
graduates--let's hear some more names since I've got lots of first names, but just can't seem to jog the memory bank to come up
with last names!


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/23/03:
Hello Betty,
I understand that Connie Todd ('65) has severe rheumatoid arthritis.  That makes me very sad, as I once worked for a rheumatologist and learned 
what a devastating disease that can be.
I remember a boy named Franklin who followed Larry Moran ('65) around. 
Nancy Dodd lived near us on the street Parkview Church was on...Hilton?  She was dark, beautiful and really into skating.  She had beautiful costumes.
Anne Nuckles had a severe heart attack while teaching years ago and lives alone in Williamsburg now.
I had a teacher in 6th grade, Mrs. Lewis.  Michael Cherry ('65) is another name that popped up.  He was in that class with me.
Becky ------ with the natural curly hair lived across from the grocery store  I think.
What was the name of the area where we could go to practice driving in a huge area with streets and parallel parking areas all marked out?  Does 
that ring a bell with anyone?
We used to go to the pool over Hampton at night to swim with Keith Pennell ('63), Billy Roberts ('63) and Harold Anderson ('62). That was my 
favorite thing to do.
Where are you located now, Betty, and where is Paul?
From Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 02/24/03:
For some reason the name Franklin Strickland comes to mind.   Does that sound right?

From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/24/03:

Yes, that is it.  Wonder where he is now?
From Dave Arnold of VA ('65) - 02/24/03:
No idea.  I don't remember seeing him after about 10th grade.  Believe he dropped out.  
From Betty Bass Belanger ('65) of Northern VA - 02/24/03:
Hi Frances,
Thanks for sharing all your memories & have enjoyed reading them.
Sorry to hear about Connie Todd ('65)  -- she was a cheerleader & great softball player!  I do remember Franklin, but can't come up with a last name.
I live in Northern VA/DC area near Leesburg--as far out as possible for commuting.  Fortunately I have a home office & that's the best commute of all.

From Kenny Branch ('62) of AR - 02/24/03:

Frances, thanks for the reply. I have been away from my computer since Thursday evening and am just getting around to reading my e-mail. I have not seen
Harold for a long, long time. I missed seeing him at our class reunion this past October. Do you know if he is in the D.C. area? I remember going with him
and his family to visit relatives in the northern VA area while we were still in high school.
Thanks again for the info.


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/24/03:

Yes, Harold and his wife are in the N.Va. area, Manassas if I remember correctly.  If I remember, as my brain is a sieve these days, I will look at my daddy's
Christmas card from Harold and get it to you.
This reminiscing has been fun.


From Kenny Branch ('62) of AR - 02/24/03:

Thanks, I would appreciate Harold's address or whatever info you have on him.
You're right, the reminiscing has been fun. I think it's really humorous that you brought up Becky's name (girl with the naturally curly hair) and Tom Oxner's ('65)
reply that it was Becky Braswell ('65) who lived across from the Manor Market. Well she is now Becky Branch and has been for almost 38 years and she still has naturally curly hair, although it is not the same color. LOL! Yes, she is my wife and we will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary in Branson, MO on April 3rd.
Her parents still live in the same house on Briarfield Road and that's where we stay when we go home to visit relatives/friends. I called her a few minutes ago, and
she said that you were in her home room and sat at the same table with her. Maybe nothing comes as a surprise any more.


From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 02/24/03:

I missed the reply from Tom.  Tom's parents and my folks were very close friends.  I always thought Becky was so pretty.  Yes, Braswell comes to mind! 
Your wife?  This gets better and better.  Homeroom 207, now those were the days.  My dad lived on Highland for years after Sonny and I moved out but later
he and mother bought a house off of Rt. 17 just a mile past the light on Jefferson and he lives there now alone. 

I am so happy to get this news


From Tom Oxner ('65) of AR - 02/24/03:

Hello Frances:
Michael Cherry's mom drove the school bus that many of us in the Briarfield area rode to school at Briarfield Elementary, and , I think, to NNHS also.
Becky Braswell had the naturally curly hair and lived across from the Manor Market on Briarfield Road. In my list of folks from the Briarfield area, I managed
to omit Billy Mortimer. Thanks for all the memories.


From Fred Eubank ('64) of Northern VA - 02/25/03:

My name is (Frederick) Craig Eubank (NNHS '64), and I grew up on Decater Street (originally Oak Lane) in Betsy Lee Gardens.  I went to Briarfield ES
from 1952 to 1960.  My teachers at Briarfield (by grade) are listed below:


Of course they were all female.

Also, from Decatur St. and Briarfield Alumni:

Clarence (Clyde) Point--My age but may have graduated with the NNHS class of '65.
Wesley Staude--Family moved to Hot Springs, NC, in 1962.
Judy Mawyer--NNHS '64 and married Don London, also NNHS '64, but not a Briarfield grad.
Brenda Poole--NNHS '62.  Last I heard Brenda lived in West Palm Beach, FL.
Janice Poole--NNHS '65 or '66.  Still living in NN, I think.
Ken Taylor--NNHS '65.  Went to VA Tech and became a HS Teacher in Hampton.  Had older brother, Danny, from Briarfield who went to Warwick HS before
City of NN annexed Warwick Co. in 1959 which sent us to NNHS.

Nancy Soesbee--NNHS '65 I think--also brother Nathan, and older sister Carol ('62).  Don't know how many of them went to Briarfield.  Nancy and Nathan were
younger than me.

Vicky Neal--Believe Vicky was NNHS '64.  She had older brother E.A. Neal.
Dianne Adams--NNHS '65.  She had a younger brother, ? name.
Brenda Woolard--NNHS '65.  Her family moved away in early 60's.

Expanding out from Decatur, but staying in Betsy Lee, were Bill Barnard, Greg Hill and Sheila Smith.

Those are all the Briarfield alumni I knew, or can remember, from Betsy Lee Gardens.  I knew a few from Briarfield Manor, now the site of Heritage HS.  They
included Jimmy Faircloth, Allen Jenkins, Danny Foster, Charles Anderson,
John Strickland, Ricky Miller, Donnie Tyndall, Ann Marlowe, Ruby Moses,
Betty Cooper, Alan Nesbitt,
Wayne Frizzele, Ronnie Luther, among others I have yet to remember.

The list could go on to other neighborhoods, such as Sussex Hilton--the area where Sue Miller, Barry and David Hatchett, Billy Roberts, Keith Pennell,
Tom Oxner, Bobby Lamb,
and Neil Vickers lived, and along Briarfield Rd. going toward Chestnut Ave, including Joe Wingo, Ed Springfield, Jimmy Lamb,
Charles Embler, Van Rowell
, all of whom went to Briarfield.  That's it for now.

Hope this jogs some memories.


It was sometime quite shortly after this lively exchange among ten schoolmates from the classes of 1965 and 1964 -which was being handled in the form of round-robin emails - that the concept of Newsletters was instituted.
As Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD was largely responsible for continuance of the exchange -
which was initiated by Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - the credit for the Newsletter format falls largely to her.

Thank you, Frances - from all of us!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 05/03/05


From Glenda Stewart Faires ('68) of GA - 02/19/04:

I went to Briarfield Elementary from the 3rd grade through the 7th.  One of my friends in elementary school, and still today, was Vicki Batts.  I believe that I mentioned
to you before that her husband and mine both work for Westinghouse and have for the past 37 years.

I remember that my friends and I would go to the tennis courts/swing sets that were right in front of Van Rowell's house, just waiting for him to come out and maybe speak to us.  He did sometimes (not when we were in elementary school, but later when we were in high school).  In fact, I remember that there were a lot of girls, all
ages, that thought he was "the stuff".  I'm not too sure his mother appreciated all those teenage girls hanging out there though!  Van was also in the choir at Parkview Baptist Church for a while when I was too.  I knew who his sister (Thommy - '64) was but we weren't really friends, but her husband Charlie (Snead – ’64) was a
friend of mine in high school.  Charlie was always a very nice person and I'm sure he still is.  I think the two of them were always "meant" for each other.

Preacher Kenney was the preacher at Parkview Baptist Church when I went there.  He and his wife were wonderful people.  My mother always thought he was the best preacher that Parkview ever had.  I remember Bobby Kenney ('66) and Frances (Goodson Wang’s) brother Sonny ('66).  The Sunday school teacher that I loved the most was Mrs. Watson - Sandra's mother.  I was very sad to hear of her passing. There were a lot of people who loved her! 

Betty Bass Belanger ('65) mentioned Sandra Stewart from Briarfield Elementary. She was my cousin.  She lived on North Ellen Road across the street from Beverly Miller.  Right before she started high school, they moved to another part of town and Sandra ended up going to Warwick High.  She was in the bagpipe
band there and loved it.  She is a music teacher now and lives with her husband, Ken (who is a preacher) in Richmond.

Frances Goodson Wang ('65) mentioned Nancy Dodd, who lived on the same street as Parkview Baptist Church.  She was also my cousin.  I remember that
she was always crazy about Tom Freeze (’63)!  She has one daughter, who is just as pretty as she was, and lives in Maryland now.

Frances also mentioned Michael Cherry.  I remember him too.  He and Gene Dismuke used to work at the Boys Club where my little brother, Earl, spent more
than half of his life when he was young.  Mike and Gene were also very good friends with Danny (O’Brien) (of Danny and the Del Notes) and all of the band members.  They would all go to the dances held at the Community Center that was behind the Boys Club.  There were a lot of kids from NNHS that would go to the dances there.

Sue Miller (’64) lived next door to Susan Price ('68) and across the street from Terry Seay.  Sue gave me the first permanent that I ever had!  She was a little
older and seemed very wise to Susan and me.  We would always look out of Susan's window and try to see who her dates were.

I lived on Andrews Place, right down the street from Billy Turner ('65).  His mother and father were always wonderful friends to my mother.  I don't know if you
remember when Billy got his Volkswagen car - but I got one at the same time.  Both of the cars came from my Uncle's car lot in Rutherford, NC.  I know I loved mine and had some great times with my friends in it. One time Brenda Phillips, Arlene Ellis and I were going to a football game and it was really snowing!  My windshield wipers stopped working and Arlene had to stick her head out of the window and work them manually!!!  Some of the things we did, not bad, just stupid teenage things -  it’s a wonder we all lived through it.


From Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA - 09/05/04:




From Bobby Turpin ('58) of VA - 09/06/04:

The "GOOD LORD" knows how much I look forward to receiving the complied NNHS newsletters you send out.  THEY really make my day!  All of the letters are absolutely informative, wonderful and bring back so many memories of those by-gone days.  In response to Jimmy Smith ('62) of VA and Joe Wingo ('65) of NC and all other NNHS students who lived in the Parkview and Briarfield Sections of Newport News, I DO NOT want to come off negatively about their concerns about North End, East End and Stuart Gardens, NNHS students having most of the correspondence in your newsletters who graduated from 1955 thru 1959 or so.  I think the truth of the matter is that those sections (Parkview and Briarfield) became a part of Newport News in July 1958 as a result of consolidation. 
Until then those sections were located in what was Warwick County so consequently most of those students went to through the school system in Warwick County.  Again, I say I have known many NNHS grads who lived in those areas and they ARE JUST as much a part of the history of NNHS as anyone of us.   
THANK YOU ALL, for being a part of the history of NNHS. 


From Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 09/08/04:

Thanks, Bobby!  I appreciate your words.  As I've mentioned before, some of y'all like to see your words in print, and some of y'all are hesitant to write me at all for fear that you WILL see your words in print.  Nineteen months ago, we had far fewer active correspondents on board who wanted to actively contribute.  Now all that has blessedly changed.....There were indeed a great many of our friends who attended Parkview and Briarfield Schools, and we hope to hear from more of them in the very near future.


From Kathy Pilgrim Clark ('63) of VA - 09/07/04:

I enjoyed reading the 2003 pages concerning Briarfield area.  I grew up at 5403 Roanoke Avenue.  Tom Freeze ('63) lived several doors south of my house.  My dad helped build the Briarfield Community Center and I took dance lessons there from Sandy Vossler.  I went to Briarfield Elementary School.  If I was born Sept 7, 1945, then I must have started first grade in Sept, 1951.  The school was brand new at that time, replacing the former elementary school that was on land northeast of the intersection of Jefferson and the former Military Highway, now Mercury Boulevard.  Marjorie Chapell Gatling taught my older brother, Michael, (HHS -'58) there in 2nd grade.  She and my mom, Mike's homeroom mother, became great friends and when I was born, Margie and Stan, her husband, were my God Parents.  Like Fred Eubank ('64) she taught me in first grade.  I wonder if he was an AM or PM class?  The national Baby Boom is documented as beginning 1/1/46.  So I am not a member of it, as many of you youngsters are.  However, there must have been a lot of us from 1945 because we had AM and PM first grade classes.  I can remember seeing the RNC Convention (remember "I Like Ike"?) and "the Egg and I" before going to afternoon school.  We walked from Roanoke to Marshall by way of a dirt track that ran between the streets.  We passed the home garden of a real Farmer MacGregor!  We used to swipe his ripe tomatoes!  We didn't venture into the garden, just plucked the ones we could reach from the path.  

As to the harshest teacher at Briarfield, I vote for Mrs. (I have suddenly forgotten her mane though I had it when I began this!  Another Senior Moment!) who tried to teach me in 3rd grade.  She was wicked!  Mrs. Bryant!!  That's it!  We had tables and chairs rather than desks.  I will never forget the Friday that was to be my last day there before my family moved to Hampton the next day - Washington's birthday.  The deal was that we took our spelling test late in the day.  They were gathered table by table, each of us passing the pages from one to another.  I had not done well and when the papers came to me, I cleverly put mine on the bottom, slid the group over my lap and slid my own into the cubby hole under the table top.  I passed the pages on to be collected.  At the end of the day, I cleaned out my desk, taking that poor spelling test with me!  I thought I was a super sleuth!  I spell well now so it hasn't hurt too badly.  
I want to add the name Polly White ('63) to the list of Briarfield kids.  She lived on Temple Lane and is still local.  She, her family and I all see Robert Shapiro ('63) who is an optometrist in practice on Marshall Ave!  The Stuart Gardens crew grew up with Robert as a neighbor.  
At NNHS, I always felt badly for the Briarfield kids.  They had to ride school buses.  You Stuart Gardens guys had it made - you rode the 16th Street CRT bus and seemed to me to party all the way home.  The kids who rode the 25th Street bus had it OK too.  Remember Nancy Livesay ('63)?  I, on the other hand, had to ride the 28th St. bus - usually alone!  Sometimes I was able to get a ride with Claudia Dellapenta ('63) and her dad.  He was the Adult Ed supervisor who occupied the room between HRs 101 and 102.  On a few occasions (like when I was madly in love with someone who rode the 16th Street bus) I would ride that one.  But it let me out at Kecoughtan and LaSalle on its way back to the Car Barn.  It was one LONG walk home from there.  
Sorry I have reminisced so long.  But give me a break; it's my birthday so I think I'm allowed! 
From Joe Wingo ('65) of NC - 09/08/04:

Please let
Bobby Turpin ('58 of VA) know, just for the record, that I feel like I can safely claim a large part of NNHS whether or not Parkview/Briarfield is ever mentioned in the newsletter or not.  For those of us who grew up there, memories are just as deep and vivid as any.  And further, that area turned out more than a few rocks upon which the Class of '65's foundation was built. The point to remember is simply that ours was a diverse class covering a broad section of the city and that made us even greater; hence, we should actively encourage correspondence from all of our classmates.


From Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 09/09/04:

   Thanks, Joe!  It's good to hear from you!  I think - I hope - that we're all on the same wave-length here.  So while it sometimes may appear that we're favoring one section over another, the simple truth is that while some of us may be chattier than others, and some of us may be more verbose than others, we're all TYPHOON-bred with blue and gold blood, and we all adore and respect one another.  What an amazing group y'all are!

   Curiously, I've found that often one of the things that's hardest for me to remember sometimes is where people lived and where they went to elementary school.  I'm not sure why this is.  I seem to remember the strangest things after all these years.


From Brenda Amos Williams ('62) of VA - 09/13/04:

I was reading your website about Briarfield.  I too was a Briarfieldton. I remember Manor Market and the Cut Rate Drug Store where all the "Bad" guys hung out. Along with a police officer name of Saunders, who later was a Captain in NN and later still went skating with me and others after he retired. I too went to the community center. Had my 16th birthday party there. I lived on Marshall Ave almost directly behind Donna, Sandra, and Gay Worsham. I was sorry to hear about their Mom passing. We used to play together as 9, 10 years olds, etc.
until we were in our teens. Also, we were considered in Warwick County and I went to Warwick Jr. High school in the 8th grade. Hated it. Transferred to NN after that, loved it. So lots of us folks in the Briarfield area did go to Warwick High School. I have lots of "friends" that went there. Some of their parents still live in that area too! I even married a Warwick Farmer. But you and I know that we in that area are certainly a part of the NNHS tradition. True Blue and Gold.


From Kim Lassiter ('65) of OH - 09/14/04:

Joe Wingo's ('65 of NC) remembrance of Briarfield Elementary and our neighborhood brought back a flood of memories for me. I lived, sort of, across the street from Joe and remember him leaving for school in his TR3 which tilted to the left (not to imply that Joe was heavy). I also remember fondly many of the people with whom I grew up in the "hood." I have spoken with Dave Arnold ('65 of VA), thanks to your newsletter, and have eavesdropped on the lives of many others.I live in Southern Ohio, after many years in Kentucky, and work in the nuclear industry. The people are very nice here, but I often thirst for the rhythms of home, which come shining through in your newsletter. I would welcome correspondence from others and can be reached most easily at

From Don Chaney ('66) of MD - 09/15/04:

On the subject of the Manor Market on Briarfield Road, the owner's last name was Minkoff.  I believe
Mark Minkoff.  While
attending the Shriner's Oyster Bowl Football Game at the old Darling Stadium about 2 years ago I met him.  He is still around
and looked great.
I grew up on Roanoke Avenue just off Briarfield Road.  I attended St. Vincent for grades 1-8 before transferring to NNHS.


From Cookie Phillips Tyndall ('64) of VA - 09/17/04:

Carol, (my brother) Charlie (Phillips - '65 of TN) and I both attended Briarfield School, from 1955 (4th grade) to 1959.
I had a
Ms. Pressey and Mrs. Presley for teachers. My first real introduction to dance was from Ms. Pressey who taught us the cha cha, the mambo, waltz and several others. I even won a limbo contest she had. I am trying to recall the fella' who won the rumba contest with me. Maybe Ray Owen ('63) or was it Ronnie--anyway my mind is too fried now to remember. Those were fun times.

Also, Sue Miller ('64), Judy Lucas ('64)and I hung out a lot as they both lived in the area. We used to go to the drug store on the corner
near the Manor market. Betty Cooper, Linda Long, Neil Vickers, Garland Hudson, and my former, Donnie Tyndall, and many others lived in the Briarfield area. We used to skate at the Briarfield roller rink (I honestly don't remember the name of it, maybe that's it).

I hope to have time to scout for pictures to see what I have in my repertoire.

From Frances Goodson Wang ('65) of MD - 05/05/05:

Hi Carol,

I just re-read the entries about the Briarfield Elementary area.  A strange thing has happened.  Glenda Stewart Faires '68 (of GA) said she lived on Andrews Place near Billy Turner ('65 of TX).
Would you believe that my dad's girlfriend who (he'll be 85 in July, she is 75), Mary Frances Wood lives on Andrews Place.
She did not go to Parkview Baptist or I may have known her.  As it is my dad went to one of those mixers for "old folks" after my mom died in 1992 and met Mary Frances. 
I wonder if Glenda knew the Wood family?
Did Billy?
Michael Cherry's ('65) mom drove the big city bus.  Another lady who had two sons drove our school bus, or the one that came down our street, that is. 
Mrs. Roark was the meanest person I have ever known to some of her students.  She was nice to me but absolutely cruel to others.
We are leaving out the Freemans, Lou Ann and Debbie ('65).  Did they have a brother?
Billy Roberts ('63) died of a heart attack while jogging to get ready for a physical.  He was in some branch of the service.  He was an only child so it was so sad that he died so young.  He had a wife and daughter I believe.
My house on Highland Court has really gone down.  It is sad.  Having the park to play in, the courts to play tennis on and  the other activities available for free was such a wonderful thing for kids.  Where I live in MD if a family does not have money there is little for a young person to do.  Also, things are so overly organized.  What ever happened to tree houses and forts?  I build one of each. We had so much fun playing after dark when it cooled down in summer...hide and seek, something about twirling and freezing... 
The Highland Court kids played a lot of ball games in the park too.  (My brother) Sonny (Goodson - '66 - of VA) was a great tennis player.  I did not like my feet being hot on that hot court.  Thanks goodness for the lights and night games. 
Dr. Kenney, pastor at Parkview Baptist,  presided at Mrs. Worsham's funeral and my mother's.  He is still eloquent and quite dashing. 

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