Bob Smith's Barber Shop
25th Street
Newport News, VA 23607



I wonder how many of your subscribers remember Bob Smith's Barber Shop.
He operated a barber shop on 25th Street near the intersection with Chestnut Avenue in
East End.
He later relocated his shop to the Warwick Shopping Center on Warwick Boulevard near
Hilton Village.
My first barber shop haircut was at Bob Smith's, at about age 3 or 4.
I do remember that I was frightened by the sound of the electric clippers during that first haircut.
For many years, I was a regular customer even into adulthood.
He always had something positive to talk about while cutting your hair.
All the barbers were very professional and the shop was always clean.
Bob ran for City Council but believe I was still too young to vote at the time.
I do remember teaching his daughter swimming lessons at the
World War II Memorial Municipal Pool.
She attended 
NNHS and was probably in the Class of 1964 or 1965.
I seem to recall her name was Robin, but I am not sure.
Surely Dave Arnold ('65 of VA) went to this barbershop in his youth.
If there are others as well, maybe it could be included in
Our Old Stomping Grounds.

Joe Madagan - '57 - of FL - 12/31/04
Thanks, Joe!

I saw Joe's (Madagan's - '57 - of FL) comments about Bob Smith's Barber Shop.
He was about a block from Pop's Esso Station, so I did get to sit in the chair quite a few times.
I recall watching kids get their first haircut and the popular technique was to have one
of the other barbers perform some distraction like making airplane noises while Bob tried
to cut a moving head and make it look like something presentable.
I remember when he moved to Warwick Shopping Center he also was elevated to "stylist".
Guess that was what happened when you moved to the uptown crowd.

- Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 01/01/05
Thanks, Dave!

(This page was created on 01/01/05 at the suggestion of Joe Madagan - '57 - of FL - 12/31/04.)

1911 Barber Pole clip art courtesy of - 01/24/04

"Brylcreem Jingle" courtesy of at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 01/24/04
Thanks, Dave!

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