Bankhead Magruder School
1712 Chestnut Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607
formerly 757-928-6838

John Bankhead Magruder
(01 May 1807 - 18 Feb 1871)
Old Galveston City Cemetery
Galveston, Galveston Co., TX


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Miss Charlotte Winsteadís
Second Grade Class, January 1954

ROW ONE: Tommy Flax, Jane Coltrain, Cheryl Gardner, Karen Young, Brenda Weeks, Alan Farber, Richard Strickland, Rita Lentz, Annette Rouse.

ROW TWO: David Workman, Judy Bell, Sharon Grant, Suzanne Van Noy, David Smith, Janet Hamilton, _____, Jo Ann Stewart, Alice Fowler, Betty Sue Lanier, Jim Bull.

ROW THREE:  Alex Gatewood, _____, Ed Heath, Tan Shire, Bobby Bloxom, _____, Ted Heflin, _____, Billy Goad, Alice Pipkin, _____, Brenda Todd, Miss Charlotte Winstead.

Miss Catherine Dycus'
First Grade Class, January 1954

ROW ONE: ______, ______, ______, Jack Metz ?, Bill___?, Janice McCain, Debby Fink, _____, Ilene Wasserman, Randy Smith.

ROW TWO: Johnnie ???, Dennis Ivey, Bobby Walker, Charles Winter?, ?? Luther???, Lynn Walker, Sidney Becker?, Marc Snyder, Richard Harman, Mary Ruth Sanders?

ROW THREE: ______, Barry Rew, ______, Wayne Chapman, ______, ______, Bobby Larsen, Jane Eyers or Ayers?, ______, Randy Elder, ______, Miss Catherine Dycus.

Mrs. Hatcher's
First Grade Class, January 1954

ROW ONE: Lee Rawls, Jeannie Collier, Nancy Funk, Judy Kent, Jimmy Halliday, Bobby Ruben, Carol Buckley, David Wilkerson, Gloria Banner, Don Ailsworth.

ROW TWO: Margaret ___, Sandra Thurman, Billy C., ______, Robbie Baxter, Bobby C., Betty Roberts, Ward Cash, Mrs. Hatcher.

ROW THREE: Chuck Carroll, Russell Collins, Linwood Wright, Bobby Webb, Wayne Dickerson, David Blayton, Linda Garrison, Ricky Davis, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Charles Burman.


Courtesy of Tom Flax ('64) of VA - 09/08/04
via Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 09/08/04
Thanks, Y'all!

Courtesy of Janice McCain Rose of VA - 06/04/03
Thanks, Janice!




   Third Grade Swap Photos, Dec 1956


Principal Elsie E. Wilson,
Fall 1955


Sue Scott ('64) and
Alice Fowler ('64)
1956 - Magruder School Dance Contest

Mrs. Gladys Curry's
Fourth Grade Class, January 15, 1957

FRONT ROW: Alex Gatewood, Jack Metz, Carla Fine, Lee Rawls, Gloria ____, David Guilliams.

SECOND ROW: Bridget Whitt, Pam Smith, Bobby Webb (hiding behind hand on forehead), David Blayton, Bobby Hatten, Ricky Davis, Elizabeth Paisley.

THIRD ROW: Paul Cleverius, Bobby Sears (hidden behind Lee Rawls), Wayne Dickerson, Ronnie Sanders, ____ (hidden behind Ricky Davis), and Martha Smith.

(This photo was taken while Carol Buckley was home
for lunch - not that she's still ticked off about their
not waiting for her to return as though she didn't
really exist or anything...)

Newspaper Photo from Fifth Grade Science Class, November 1957

SEATED ON FLOOR: Mike Hirschman, Todd Givens, Chippy Clark, Martha Smith, ___________, and Don Ailsworth.


OBSERVING FROM DESKS: Randy Smith, Sandra Boatright, Bobby Webb, and Mike Miller (???).

Courtesy of Chip
Clark ('65)
of Northern VA - 01/25/03
Thanks, Chip!

Courtesy of Chip
Clark ('65)
of Northern VA -
Thanks, Chip!

Courtesy of Sue Scott Moore ('64) of VA - 06/09/04 via
Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA - 06/10/04
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This restored image courtesy of Chip Clark
of Northern VA -
Thanks, Chip!

This restored image courtesy of Chip Clark
of Northern VA -
Thanks, Chip!


Principal Thomas E. Baines,
Fall 1958

Mrs. Eunice Leyland's
Sixth Grade Class, January 1959

TOP ROW: Mrs. Eunice Leyland, Randy Smith, Lynn Wilkins, Jimmy Skates, Joyce Curry, Bobby Sears, Carol Buckley, Mike Hirshman, Janice McCain.

SECOND ROW: Todd Givens, Sandra Boatright, Bobby Walker, Ilene Wasserman, David Sage, Ilene Levinson, Chippy Clark, Debby Fink, Barry Rew.

THIRD ROW: Betty Marie Millner, Sammy Keffer, Nancy Lewis, Bobby Marston, Barbara Shepherd, Richard Harman, Judy Wiggins, Charles Winter, Marc Snyder.

BOTTOM ROW: Buzzy Jenkins, Curt Lauterbach, Graham Avery, Paul McPherson, Billy Saxton, Randy Belton, David Stone, Andy Tillman, Chris Ellis.

Mrs. Ranson's
Sixth Grade Class, January 1959

TOP ROW: Mrs. Ranson, Skipper Vickness, Sandra Bateman, Bill Shiver, _____ _____, David Ellenson, Carla Fine.

SECOND ROW: Carole Minkoff ?, _____ _____, Aileen Bromberg, Steve Burns, Mary Ruth Sanders, David Blayton, Martha Smith, _____ _____.

THIRD ROW: Randy Elder, Pam Smith, Bobby Hatten, Patsy Blackard, Ronnie Sanders, Jeannie Collier, Bruce Spigel, Gloria Ballowe.

BOTTOM ROW: Polly Norris, Dennis Ivey, Frances Hollifield, Wayne Chapman, Allan White, Steve Pullen, possibly Thurman _____ ???, Jack Harris.

Courtesy of Chip Clark ('65)
of Northern VA - 03/11/03
Thanks, Chip!

I loved  Harry Covert's ('57 - of Northern VA) talk about Daniel School. I especially loved seeing the picture of Mr. Baines. He was a great principal. I can remember his playing kick ball at recess with us kids. He told me one time he made his suits. I was really impressed with that. I never heard of a man sewing. Of course I did not think about tailors because no one in my family could afford a tailored suit. His suits were very nicely tailored! He was truly a good influence in our lives. Thank you Harry for jogging our memories on a really good school.

- Evelyn Casey Snead ('57) of VA - 07/15/09
Thanks so much, Evelyn! I was so painfully shy as a child, I tried to avoid direct contact with almost everyone outside my family, so I regret I never availed myself of the opportunity to get to know this fine man. Nevertheless, I can recall after all these years that he was not only a gentleman, but a truly gentle man.

- Carol Buckley ('65) of NC - 04/24/03

This NEWLY RESTORED image courtesy of photographer Chip Clark ('65) of Northern VA - 02/26/03
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- Bobby Hatten (NNHS / FHS '65) of VA - 09/13/18 (but posting delayed by Hurricane Florence until 09/21/18)
Thanks, Bobby!

Mrs. Eunice Leyland's
Sixth Grade Class, January 1960

TOP ROW: Mrs. Eunice Leyland, Jimmy Gilliam (?), Nell Wynne, ______, ______, Linda Garth.

SECOND ROW: Bobbi Mann, Georgie Cannon, Kathy Johnson, Dusty Rhodes, Stevie Gordon, Randy Smith, Bonnie Lee.

THIRD ROW: Joe Lieberman, Janice Knight, Diane Parrish, Donnie Hancock.

FOURTH ROW: Sylvia Hall, Jimmy Martin, ______, ______,   Sheila Smith (?),
Albert Dorner, Connie Bloxom.

BOTTOM ROW: ______, ______,
Roy McPherson, ______,  Mark Wimmer,
George Cutchins, David Rodgers.

Daily Press, Tuesday, April 26, 1960

Mrs. Thelma Woodcock Hudgins' Obituary

In one of life's ironies, my third grade teacher died on the same day as my father; therefore, her obituary was preserved in our family papers.

I have attached my 6th grade class from Magruder (59-60)...Some of these people I have not seen in 44 years, so as well as I can remember, the names are as follows:        
Courtesy of Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 09/16/04
Thanks, Albert!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of IL - 09/16/09









   While we're listing teachers, I might as well list my own at Magruder School.

1. Mrs. Hatcher - I arrived mid-year in her class.  I wish I knew her first name.....

2. Miss Charlotte Winstead -  I was afraid of her - but then, I was pretty much afraid of everybody......

3. Mrs. Thelma Woodcock Hudgins - Remember her countless reading/spelling drills, those little mini-flash card phonics charts
on the wall by the door?  The initial sounds would be changed, and the class would repeat each newly created word:









Those sounds and images have stayed with me a lifetime.  (And no, these word lists aren't meant to be exhaustive,
merely illustrative and representative.)

4. Mrs. Gladys Curry - I remember most of all her reading wonderful stories to us - Ellen MacGregor's Miss Pickerell
series, especially Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars (1951), and something about Pegasus, the Flying Horse.

  Miss Gloria Kratzsch ('53) / Mrs. Gloria Young - The whole class was invited to attend
her December 1957 wedding.
(Yes, Jimmy-Jimmy, of course I remember!  I wore my new black velveteen jumper
with the Empire waist, a white silky long-sleeved blouse, black tights, and black patent leather pumps.)

6.   Mrs. Eunice Bassett Leyland (@ '27) - My All-Time Favorite Teacher - and that's saying something!

   And in fifth grade we began band lessons, under the tutelage of Mrs. Doris Huffer Hutton.  She used to keep us in time
by striking a snare drug stick on the edge of her desk while she counted.  What a great woman she was - as were they all!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 05/18/06


    Saturday, October 4, 2003    
    Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64)
of VA - 10/04/03
Thanks, Dave!

"Old" Magruder School
22nd Street and Roanoke Avenue
Newport News, VA

Hi, Carol,

I'm responding in reference to the comments by Janice (McCain Rose - '65 - of VA) and you about Magruder.  There was another Magruder before the one we attended was built.  It was located between Chestnut and Roanoke Avenues on 21st, 22nd or 23rd Street I think, closer to Chestnut.  It probably wasn't very far from where Janice lived at that time.  My mother (Betty Savage Bateman Palmer - June '45 - of VA) told me she attended that Magruder as a child.  I believe when the new school was built, that the old building housed some of the school administrative offices.  At least that's what my mother told me at the time.  Hope this clears up any questions.

- Sandi Bateman Chestnut ('65) of VA - 08/09/09
Thanks so much, Sandi!


The old Magruder School was in the 1100 block of 22nd Street not far from my home on the corner of 22nd and Roanoke Avenue.  At one time after the old Magruder was closed, it became a book depository for the School Board.  I remember when I was in the 6th grade, which had to be around 1957, Mr. Ramsey (?) recruited me to help him pack up books or something for him in the Old Magruder School basement.  It actually later, if I recall correctly, became the School Board Administration building for awhile, probably in the late 1950ís or 1960ís.   

Funny how my memory is clouded.  Does 50 years do that to you?

- Forrest Powell ('63) of VA - 08/17/09
Thanks so much, Forrest! No, no, it couldn't possibly be the 50 years clouding our memories; I cannot even remember any such building ever existing - and I lived on Roanoke Avenue myself!!! But, HEY - I do remember Mr. Ramsey! He usually wore a brown suit, and taught us all how to dance. I noted even way back then as an elementary school student that he was remarkably light on his feet.

Hi, Carol:

The older Magruder School on 22nd Street was a red brick multiple story building, much like the design of the old Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
between 30th and 31st Streets in Newport News.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/20/09
Oh. OH! Thanks, Joe!


A short note regarding Joe Madagan's ('57) FL accurate description of the old Magruder Elementary School. I remember it being the same architecture and style as the original Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, adjacent to the Tabernacle Baptist Church on 30th Street; and, the same as John W. Daniel Elementary "over town," with the wide first floor corridor reached from the fairly steep concrete steps. The cafeteria was in the basement, auditorium on the top floor.

See, Dave Spriggs ('64) VA postcard.

- Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 08/27/09
No kidding?? Thanks, Norm!

... Speaking of memories, the book depository or whatever ... I remember as a kid playing around it and daring each other to climb the rickety looking fire escape that was
on the back of the building. Not sure if it's the same building or not ... I (being the chicken-hearted kid I was) never made it to the top!

This was inevitably on our walks up and down Chestnut Avenue to Sammy's Confectionary for candy or other misc. junk food ...  

- Alice Fowler Edwards ('64) of VA - 08/30/09
GIGGLES! Thanks, Alice!

I went to Magruder School from the first to the fifth grades starting in 1951. It was located on the corner of Chestnut Avenue and 17th Street. The front of the school faced Chestnut Avenue. The grounds of the school were between Chestnut and Oak Avenues and 17th Street and 20th Street. There were three or four houses on 18th street but at that time 18th street only extended about one hundred yards off of Oak Avenue and did not start again until you crossed Chestnut Avenue. In later years the creek that ran through the property on the 20th Street side was filled in and a baseball field was built for NNHS. This was prior to 1955. The right field line ran into Magruder School. Randy Tosh ('63) hit a home run down the right field line that bounced into the side of the school.

I lived on 22nd Street between Chestnut and Oak and walked to school with the kids in the neighborhood. Jerry Schweida ('62) lived behind us on 23rd Street. 
Gerald Graham lived a few houses down on 22nd, and Billy Weaver ('63) lived across the street.
- Jim Todd ('63) of the USA - 09/03/09
Thanks, Jimmy!


(This section under construction.)

MAGRUDER, John Bankhead, soldier, born in Winchester, Virginia, 15 August, 1810; died in Houston, Texas, 19 February, 1871. He was graduated at the United States military academy in 1830, assigned to the artillery, and served in the west, in Maine, and at Fort McHenry, Baltimore. In the Mexican war he commanded the light battery of General Pillow's division, and was brevetted major for gallantry at Cerro Gordo, and lieutenant-colonel for Chapultepec, where he was severely wounded. After the war he served in Maryland, California, and Newport, Rhode Island, where he was in command of Fort Adams. While holding this last post he added greatly to the gayety of Newport by the splendid entertainments that he gave at the fort during the fashionable season. When Virginia seceded, he resigned his commission, that of captain of artillery, and entered the Confederate army. After gaining the battle of Big Bethel, he was made brigadier-general and placed in command of the Confederate forces on the peninsula, with his headquarters at Yorktown, where for several weeks he opposed the advance of the national army. He was then promoted major-general and took part in the seven days' fighting around Richmond, especially in the battle of Malvern Hill. On 16 October, 1862, he was placed in command of the Department of Texas, and on 1 January, 1863, he recovered Galveston from the National forces, capturing the steamer "Harriet Lane," and dispersing for a time the blockading squadron. He remained in command in Texas until the close of the war, when he entered the army of Maximilian in Mexico, with the rank of major-general, serving until the emperor's downfall and execution. He then returned to the United States and lectured, in Baltimore and other cities, on Mexico. In 1869 he settled in Houston, where he remained until his death.--His niece, Julia, author, born in Charlottesville, Virginia, 14 September, 1854, has published "Across the Chasm," anonymous (New York, 1885); "At Anchor" (Philadelphia, 1887); and "A Magnificent Plebeian" (New York, 1887).

  Courtesy of
johnbankheadmagruder/, at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs of VA - 10/24/03
Thanks, Dave!


Title: John Bankhead Magruder, Major General, C.S.A.
Deer Park, Campers Entrance,
Newport News VA
"U.S. Military Academy graduate, 1830, Virginia-born Prince John Magruder served with distinction in the Mexican War. In 1861 he resigned as Colonel, U.S.A. and joined the Confederacy. In the Civil War's first planned battle, his forces were victorious at Big Bethel, June 10, 1861. During April 1862 he delayed the Union drive up the Peninsula here at Battle of Dam 1. After the war he lived in Mexico. He died in Texas, 1871."

 Courtesy of,
 at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs of VA - 10/29/03
Thanks, Dave!

- Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/24/03.

Thanks, Dave!



"Not the Ash Grove, but the river, alone is my home --- "

- Carla Fine ('65), May 1965


The Ash Grove

by John Oxenford

The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking,
The wind [harp] through it playing has language for me.
Whenever the light through its branches is breaking
A host of kind faces is gazing on me.  
The friends of my childhood again are before me,
Each step wakes a memory as freely I roam.
With soft whispers laden its leaves rustle o'er me,
The ash grove, the ash grove again [alone] is my home.

My laughter is over, my step loses lightness,
Old countryside measures steal soft on my ear;
I only remember the past and its brightness, 
The dear ones I mourn [long] for again gather here.
From out of the shadows their loving looks greet me
And wistfully searching the leafy green dome,
I find other faces fond bending to greet me, 
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.

My lips smile no more, my heart loses its lightness
No dream of my future my spirit can cheer;
I only can brood on the past and its brightness,
The dead I have mourned are again living here.
From ev'ry dark nook they press forward to meet me;
I lift up my eyes to the broad leafy dome,
And others are there looking downward to greet me;
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.

"The Ash Grove" lyrics courtesy of - 06/19/03

"The Ash Grove" midi courtesy of - 06/19/03
Image of Magruder's Tombstone courtesy 

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