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Miss Eleanor Sherman Mr. Elmer Cogan Mr. Warner Mr. Leonard Zimet Mr. James P. Wilson
1953 Anchor, p. 16 1959 Anchor, p. 45     1955 Anchor, p. 14 1965  Anchor, p. 21
Oberlin Conservatory, BA, BME University of Missouri, BA
University of Arizona, MA
  Indiana University, BME
Butler University, MS
Wayne State University, BS

03/13/04 Belt Buckle - probably from an early band uniform
Courtesy of Jimmy Parker of VA, President of the Class of 1962 - 12/28/03
WOW!  Thanks, Jimmy!


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1954 - Drum Major Carleton Spivey ('55)
5th Band Sweetheart Marjorie Krause


1955 - Drum Major Carleton Spivey ('55)
6th Band Sweetheart Barbara Shockley


1956 - Drum Major Leonard Dunford ('57) - (I think)
7th Band Sweetheart Margaret Schweida


1957 - Drum Major Leonard Dunford ('57)
8th Band Sweetheart Thelma Spade



1958 - Drum Major Larry Crickenberger ('58)
9th Band Sweetheart Judy Lamberth


1959 - Drum Major Norman Dick ('60)
10th Band Sweetheart Evelyn Thomas



1960 - Drum Major Norman Dick ('60)
11th Band Sweetheart Carolyn Smith


1961 - Drum Major Chuck Lilly ('63)
12th Band Sweetheart Faith DeArment


1962 - Drum Major Chuck Lilly ('63)
13th Band Sweetheart Carol Petenbrink

11/04/03 May 1962 Senior Band Trip  to Winchester, VA and Washington, D.C.



1963 - Drum Major Chuck Lilly ('63)
14th Band Sweetheart Norma Helmick
Attendant Vicki Hankins

03/29/06 Senior Band - Original Yearbook Glossy PLUS NNHS Band Logo - Courtesy of Janice McCain Rose ('65) of VA



1964 - Drum Major Randy Smith ('66)
15th Band Sweetheart Gail Watkins
Attendant Becky Goolsby



1965 - Drum Major Randy Smith ('66)
16th Band Sweetheart Brenda Clarke
Attendant Kay Andleton


1966 - Drum Major Randy Smith ('66)
17th Band Sweetheart Diana Price
Attendant Harriet Bolden


1967 - Drum Major Larry Bridgers ('68)
18th Band Co-Sweethearts Carol Parrish and Roslyn Smith


1969 - Drum Major Ray Jones
20th Band Co-Sweethearts Debbie Pierce and Becky Pierce




Name Badge. . .Every Year the Fund Raiser for Band Was Selling the "World's Finest Chocolate Bars"
Courtesy of Susan Whitcomb Harlin ('72) of TX
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03/15/04 "World's Finest Chocolate Bars"
Courtesy of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA
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This page was created and dedicated on Thursday, March 18, 2004
to the memory of our former Drum Majors
Carleton Spivey (d. 6 June 2001)
Larry Crickenberger ( d. 13 Nov 2003)


 I don't know if we have any other NNHS band directors out there still teaching.  If so e-mail me at

I have been teaching Band and sometimes Chorus in Spotsylvania County for 37 years, first at Spotsylvania HS
1967-1979, then Courtland HS 1980-1989, then Chancellor HS 1990-present.  In the 1980's the state began offering
schools the status of VIRGINIA HONOR BAND if that Band program received a SUPERIOR at the State Marching
Festival and a SUPERIOR at the District Band Festival. (not as easy as it sounds)

(When we were at Newport News under Mr. Wilson he always took us to Festival as a non-graded group - we were
known through-out the state as the OUTLAW Band because we refused to be graded. (found this out later)

This year my Chancellor HS Band received its ninth Virginia Honor Band award.  My bands at Courtland received
Virginia Honor Band 7 times.  Usually this award goes to about 30-40 bands per year statewide.  My total
of 16 VHB awards puts me 6th on the all time State list.  My thanks go to James Wilson and the girls and guys
in the Typhoon Band who taught me that winning spirit- we never lost at Winchester because we worked too hard to lose.

Believe it or not you would recognize my band students because they have that same Typhoon spirit today -
that's why we are so successful in marching and in the concert hall.

I know a call has been put out to all the Typhoon Band members to check in and lets plan a big reunion somewhere
with Wilson.  We did have a great time - does he know that?  I really think that would be great - remember you
never know who won't be here tomorrow so if it is ever going to happen NOW IS A GOOD TIME -----

and Craig Miller ('63) did say we could all come stay at his house down Miami way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

- Ken Lipscomb ('63) of VA - 03/13/04

Thanks, Kenny! 
I don't know how big Craig's home is, but somehow I doubt that he intended
for hundreds of us to descend upon him at once, but it does sound like fun!
Congratulations on your accomplishments!

...It was so great to see the band pictures.  I was so gosh-darn proud of our band. 
I was not a band member (my mother made me take piano lessons) but my brother Bill was
in the band.  I made both of my children join band in middle school.  Son Chuck plays trumpet and daughter
Becky plays flute and piccolo.  We live in a small town and the band gave them both something fun to look
forward to doing, parades, football games, etc.  They were not hugely athletic in school, our son later obtained
his black belt in karate and daughter is an accomplished ballet dancer.  When Chuck received his commission
into the US Navy at UVa the Marine Band from Quantico came and played "The Stars and Stripes Forever"...
the piccolo soloist was a young woman and she came down front and center and played it for the audience. 
My daughter leaned over and whispered into my ear..."that is a real b---- to play!"  In today's world it seems
that the band members are eclipsed by the jocks...perhaps it was always that way, but you know, musicians
sure do have something great to take through their entire life, that is the way I feel about it.  

- Jean Poole Burton ('64) of RI - 06/24/04
Thanks, Jean!

Jean's comments made me wonder just how many of our former band members
kept up with their instruments after high school.  In 1976 we moved to Ste. Genevieve, MO,
a lovely historic town on the banks of the Mississippi River.  They had a municipal band
which played weekly outdoor concerts in the summer on the back steps of the parochial school.
Spectators would park their cars in the adjacent parking lot, and honk their horns for applause.
As participation in the band itself was open to the public - no auditions, just willing spirits - I took my flute
and joined them for several seasons, even after we moved a good clip up the road to Pevely, MO in 1979. 
It was great fun; I had a marvelous time!

The Fourth of July Concert was always held in the ball field, preceding the municipal fireworks show.
Each year there always seemed to be several pranksters in the crowd who would "share" some firecrackers
with the band.  How exciting!  One year the piccolo player was out of town for this concert.  She let me borrow
her piccolo, and the responsibility for the piccolo solo on "The Stars and Stripes Forever" fell to me - ME!  EEEK!!
I must concur with your daughter's assessment, Jean!  Thanks for the memory - and the laugh!

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 06/29/04

I have many fond memories of my days in the band. Mr. Wilson was very strict, but it sure paid off.
Every year, we would compete in the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival, one of the largest and best
parades in the state. I think we won the best marching band award five years in a row from 1961-65,
came in second place in 1966, and didn't even place in my senior year (ha!). Anyway, in 1965, I think,
it was raining during the parade. Mr. Wilson decided that the band should wear see-through rain coats
over our uniforms, which we thought was very considerate of him. The viewing stand was at the very
end of the parade, and you had to make a left turn before the judges could see the band. So, right
before the turn, Mr. Wilson yells, "Rip off the raincoats, and let them drop to the ground". So we did,
and as we made the turn, we looked like we just stepped off the bus. I don't know if the raincoats
made the difference (we won first place), but what a great strategy! Mr. Wilson had done it again!

- Clifford Smith ('67) of AL - 01/22/05
Thanks, Clifford!

We were some of the luckiest individuals on the planet to be where we were! What about the 5 straight first place
finishes of the
Typhoon Band at the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival Grand Feature Parades? No one came
even close to that record of consistency for many years. In May of '64, we played through all five selections, from that
year and the four previous -
Giant, March of the Olympians, El Cid, Parade of the Charioteers, and
- (the order?) in the judging area on Handley Boulevard in Winchester. All those selections were not
watered down at all, and were challenging enough to play sitting down - let alone while marking time, and also
moving ahead in the parade lineup, in the judging area, where we were stopped, for some reason. That is some
feat, when you realize that the judging stand was at the end of a nearly two mile parade, and it was in the heat
of the afternoon! We were powerful, superbly conditioned and taught, and we showed everyone there just what
superior coaching (again!) and adequate preparation could accomplish...meanwhile the rescue squads were doing 
their usual brisk business with the other poor souls who were not as well prepared by their 'coaches' - we had
the real Coach! By the way, after the parade, we simply changed into traveling clothes at the armory, and went
to dinner across the street! I'm sure there is much more, but those memories resurface from time to time in my mind -
no apologies - and I think about how fortunate I was to be around people like that!

- Jimmy Hines ('64) of Northern VA - 04/29/05
Thanks so much, Jimmy!

The string of victories by the band at Winchester was something.  But I remember the parade being longer
than two miles and several hills involved. Of course, that could be like us walking ten miles to school in the
snow barefoot.  You said we were "well drilled", and that's no joke.  My second week in Air Force basic
training I was called to the DI's office and told I was being made a squad leader.  The DI said he knew I was
from Virginia and wanted to know which military school I had attended.  I told him I was in the NNHS band
but he wouldn't believe me.  Still asked me the same question on graduation day.  So yes, the many hours
of practice and hard work paid off for us personally, and for the reputation of the school.  It was great to see
Mr. Wilson last October and let him know how much influence he had on so many lives.

- Dave Arnold ('65) of VA - 04/29/05
Thanks, Dave!

"Theme Song from Giant" midi courtesy of
thanks to the magic of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/13/03 
Thanks so much, Dave!

Animated Typhoon clip art courtesy of - 04/17/08

Musical Bar clip art courtesy of - 02/05/04

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