1961 Senior Band

1961 Anchor, p. 12 1961 Anchor, pp. 68-9
"'Lovely to look at, delightful to see,'
describes Miss Faith DeArment,
the 1960 Band Sweetheart *, as she is 
presented with a bouquet of roses
from Mr. Maidment, Principal of N. N. H. S."
Senior Band

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"Contributing more to school spirit than almost any other organization is the N.N.H.S. Senior Band, under the direction of Mr. James P. Wilson.  During football season the band performed at half-time.  Participating in pep assemblies, concerts, and parades, in addition to attending the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival,
were among their other activities."

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1961 Varsity Flagtwirlers

1961 Anchor, p. 70 1961 Anchor, p. 14
Varsity Flagtwirlers - Carol Petenbrink ('62), Irene James ('62),
Barbara Ellis ('61), Faith DeArment ('61) (co-head),
Paulette Odom ('61) (co-head), Nancy Staton ('61),
Wanda Thornhill ('62), and Juanita Hayes ('62)
"These Typhoon lollipops, portrayed by our Varsity Flagtwirlers,
left to right, Irene James, Carol Petenbrink, Barbara Ellis,
Faith DeArment, Paulette Odom, Nancy Staton, Wanda Thornhill,
and Juanita Hayes, show the team by their song
that they really want N. N. H. S. to "Lick the Admirals."
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* This Anchor used the date of the actual crowning, rather than the date of the Senior Class, when describing the Band Sweetheart.

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