1958 Senior Band

1958 Anchor, p. 118 1958 Anchor, p.97 1958 Anchor, p. 91
"Escorted by Drum Major, Larry Crickenberger, 1958 Band Sweetheart, Judy Lamberth, receives a bouquet
of roses from a member of the band."

I may be wrong, but that looks like Sammy Lipes ('60) to me.  Of course I was only a baby when this was taken, so I may be wrong.  Okay, okay, I was
10 years old.  Whatever.

Senior Band Elliot Finkle ('58)
03/13/04 03/13/04 03/13/04

1958 Varsity Flagtwirlers

1958 Anchor, p.97 Original Yearbook Glossy - Courtesy
of Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59) of NC
Thanks, Eleanor!
Joan Ownby ('58), Judy Lamberth ('58), Mary Katherine Todd ('59), Juanita Whitaker ('59), and Evelyn Thomas ('59) Judy Lamberth ('58) (co-head), Juanita Whitaker ('59), Mary Katherine Todd ('59), Evelyn Thomas ('59),
and Joan Ownby ('58) (co-head)
03/13/04 03/13/04

It was nice seeing the note from Chuck Anspach ('60). Many of your readers might not know that
Chuck was one of the best if not the best trumpet player to grace the halls of NNHS.
Guys like me and Van Rowell ('65 - of NC) were decent, but Chuck was off-the-charts fabulous. We were no where close to him.
Chuck, do you still play?
- Craig Miller ('63) of FL - 04/13/05

Hi Carol -- the comments by Craig Miller ('63) of FL about great trumpet players at NNHS brought back a memory that I
enjoy recalling from time to time. Craig most likely  wouldn't have had the pleasure of witnessing Senior Assembly 1958.
Julius Benton ('58), John Nickey ('59) and Chuck Anspach ('60) performed "Bugler's Holiday", and brought the house down.
There was not one sour note between the three. To this day I still consider it the most incredible musical performance
I have ever witnessed at any level -- including professional performers -- and I have seen some great ones.
It still brings chills recalling it.
Julius continued performing professionally with local bands for many years. Of course, Renee Helterbran Benton ('59)
would be most willing to talk your ears off about that subject. ;-)

- Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 04/15/05


Hey, Renee!  Why don't you help me identify these three fellas
in the middle??? 
(I gave it my best shot...)

1958 Anchor, p. 86
"As we glance into C period band class, we find the trumpet section busily practicing for the Senior Band's coming concerts."
LEFT TO RIGHT: Donnie Tugwell ('58); Julius Benton ('58);
Dan Rouse ('59); Jimmy Grubbs ('58); Wayne Johnson ('60); Albert Simms ('60); Chuck Anspach ('60); and Norman Dick ('60)

BUGLER'S HOLIDAY! That's it! I, of course, didn't see the Senior Assembly in '58 either. (They tended not to invite the fifth
graders from Magruder to those events.) But I remember watching them perform that in concert - I assume it was the spring concert.
WOWZERONI!!! The chills you experienced must have been universal! Their notes still ring in my mind after all these years.

Thanks so much, Ron! What a great memory to share with us!

The trumpet section in the '58 Anchor, p. 86 were from left to right:
Donald Tugwell, Julius Benton, Dan Rouse, Jimmy Grubbs, Wayne Johnson, Bill Prillaman,
Chuck Anspach, Norman Dick.
A special thanks to Ronnie Miller ('59 - of NC) for all his kind words about Julius, Johnny, and Chuck playing Bugler's Holiday. 
I never tired of hearing it and only wished someone had recorded them.  They were true showstoppers!
- Renee Helterbran Benton ('59) of VA - 04/21/05

TA-DAH!  Thanks, Renee!

Hi Carol -- just one last comment about the performance of "Bugler's Holiday".
You put into words what I was trying to say in my initial comments about their performance:
"And of course, a special everlasting thanks to Julius Benton ('58), Johnny Nickey ('59) and Chuck Anspach ('60) for sharing
their tremendous talent with us all and leaving us to forever recall something that astoundingly beautiful and magical."
For anyone who has an appreciation of music and how difficult it is to achieve such perfection,
their performance was an astoundingly beautiful and magical moment, suspended forever in time.
That may sound overly dramatic to some, but -- you just had to be there to fully appreciate it.
Many thanks to those three fabulous trumpet players for giving me (and I'm sure countless others)
a moment that brings pleasure whenever it is recalled.

-  Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 04/25/05

Thanks, Ronnie! I will admit that in my childlike wonder of practically everything,
I am sometimes prone to overuse of superlatives - but not this time. The words all seem inadequate.

I have been thru the Class of 65 website many times and always find something new each time I go -
if not new just something that I did not see the last time.  One small correction needed that I saw tonight. 
1958 Band Page.  You have a picture of trumpet players.  All of the names are correct except mine.  Billy
Prillaman was a trombone player from my class of 1960. My name, Albert Simms, should replace his. 
You will also note that I signed the yearbook from which this photo was scanned and that there is a faint
arrow pointing to the top of my flattop haircut.  Who's ever yearbook this was is apparently some girl
who I thought was real cute....................  Was that you????????

- Al Simms ('60) of VA - 12/13/05

No, Sweetie, that was my sister (Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky - '59 - of NC). And of course, she's real cute.
She's my sister!!! WILDEST GIGGLES!!!  You have no idea how I agonized over that photograph -
and your inscription, for that matter! Thanks for finally correcting it!

Bugler's Holliday

- Leroy Anderson

"Bugler's Holliday" midi - courtesy of http://www.trumpetstudio.com/midi.html - added on 11/20/08,
in honor of Julius Benton ('58) who passed away this morning.

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