1956 Senior Band

1956 Anchor, p. 60 1956 Anchor, p. 69 1956 Anchor, p. 77

Band Sweetheart Margaret Schweida and
 Drum Major Leonard Dunford

Senior Band

"The Senior Band, under the direction
of Mr. Leonard Zimet, the Senior Band is one of the most colorful groups in school.  They supply the peppy and rousing music we hear at our pep assemblies and  football games.  Participation in the band gives students a chance to have fun with music while learning the
fundamentals of group orchestration."

Varsity Flagtwirlers - Anita Sue Riley ('56); Norma Jean Howell ('57); Adrienne Price ('57); Margaret Schweida ('56), head; and Thelma Spade ('57)
NNHS "Adding much color and highlight to all our football games, as well as many of the  pep assemblies, the Varsity Flagtwirlers execute original and varied routines both on the field and in the school.  During the year they have ably assisted the Senior Band in putting on all the half-time shows at the football games, and they have also performed with them in the Band  Concert."
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