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"... a place for classmates and schoolmates to come together, mingle, reconnect, chat, etc." 

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Class of 1960
 Bert Anker of MD
Chuck Anspach of NC - chuck.anspach@gmail.com
 Jean Beach Nelms of SC
Carroll Buchanan of ??
 Ronnie Burroughs of VA
 Fred Bowen of WA
 The late Gene Collins Glave (d. 07/06/11)
 Neta Collins Hastings of VA - NetaHastings@aol.com 
The late Abby Dorn Sayler (d. 08/24/18)
  The late Glenn Dye
(06/25/42 - 06/11/16)
(See also
Glenn Dye)
Vernon Edwards of FL - Vernon42nc@msn.com
I attended NNHS in the 8th and 9th grades and really love the school. 
I played JV football and enjoyed singing in the school choir. 
My family broke up and moved me to Jacksonville. FL.... I welcome anyone to contact me.  

 The late Carter Ficklen (WHS) (07/30/42 - 02/01/21)
The late Frank Friedland (d. 09/07/16)
Nancy Gordon Schreier
 Steve Hochman of VA
 Pete Hoyle of VA - pete.hoyle@gmail.com 
  Don Jett (NNHS / WHS) of FL
Peggy Johnson of VA
 Joan Lauterbach Krause of VA - jklkrause@gmail.com
   Bud Leonard (Warwick HS) of VA

The late Linda Ray Letchworth Enochs (d. about 2019)
  Fred Mays of VA - FWMays@cox.net
 Tommie Mouser of VA - tommax229@aol.com 
 John Murden of VA

   The late Bill Roady (d. 12/05/19)
Joan Sammons Tokarz

 Charles Schneider of TX
    The late Al Simms (d. 08/11/16)
 The late Steve Veazey (d. 10/29/17)
 Karen Weinstein Witte of FL -
Class of 1961
 Linda Alfrey Walker of VA - RIVKAHDEV@aol.com
  Patty Andrews Mays of VA
 Bill Bost of NC
 Anne Bradley Hart of TX
  The late Liz Breeden (d.15 June 2021)
 Bob Buchan of VA
Bob Carden of VA
  Norman Covert of MD
  Buddy David of VA
Carol Faith De Arment Blankenship of VA - Cgamakids@cs.com
 Jim Elliott of AK
    Eva Ellis Madagan of FL
 The late Gene Ellis (d. 05/02/11)
Gary Fitzgerald of VA - Fitz43@cox.net  
 Bill Fox (Warwick HS) of VA
Carolyn Frizzelle Hogge of VA
The late Allen Hall (d. 02/17/13)
Patricia Gabriel Hedrick Grzybowski of VA

 The late Jack Harrison
(d. 04/16/20)
   The late Paul Harty (Bardolph HS, IL) (d. 05/13/21) 
   George Helliesen of MI - mrh@tm.net
The late Johnny Holland (d. 04/01/18)
The late JoAnn Houston Parrott (d. 02/18/18)
Suzanne Mason Haff (NNHS / Warwick High) of NC
 Julie Jaffee Nagel of MI
 Mike Jeffers of VA - mjeffers42@msn.com
  Mary Massey Lyle of NJ
 Jane Monfalcone Simmons of FL - jane@simmonstek.com
 Roy Parrish of CA
 Robert Price of VA
 Sandra Ray of VA
 Norton Richman of VA
 Steve Seltzer of VA
 Elaine Wilkinson Bracken of VA
  Karrin Williams Frankie (Warwick HS) of VA
  Barbara Woods Spiers of VA
Class of 1962
 Brenda Amos Williams of VA
 Michael Barnes of VA
     Jerry Blanchard of VA
Mary Blandford McGehee of LA
 David Bost of FL
Kay Bowen Crawford of FL
 Kenny Branch of AR
The late Jerry Burks (d. 03/21/19)
 Tina Burroughs Farmer of VA
 Richard Dawes (NNHS / HHS) of VA
  Nancy Dearing Berry of TX
 Audrey Dixon Kelly of VA
Pat Floyd Pride of VA * (no senior portrait, posted by request)
 John Gabriel of VA
 Bill Gruver of Northern VA
Frances Heath Scott of VA
 Gertrude Helfrich Hedrick of VA
  Bobby Hilling of VA
The late Johnny Holland (d. 04/01/18)
  Nancy Horton Wilkes of FL
Florence Hysong Sauls of VA
 The late Patti Johnson Stowe (d. 11/06/15)

Pam Larmer Traugott of VA
 Carol Lipscomb Ficklin (WHS) of VA
The late Carolyn McPherson Gregory (d. 09/05/16)
 Ed Nichols of Northern VA
 Bob Norris of VA
     The late Jimmy Parker (d. 07/30/19)
Marsha Rice of VA
  Brownie Shaffer Haracivet of VA
Jennie Sheppard of NC
 Jimmy Smith of VA - typhoonjim44@juno.com
Maelea Somervold Tweedie of VA
 Larry Spigel of VA
 Patricia Stambaugh of ??
Paula Sturtevant Comstock of TX
June Veneris Collie (Hampton HS) of VA
Jimmy Walker of VA
 Diane Williams McLaughlin
Roy Wimmer of FL
Pam Wright  
The late Delano Wray
d. 08/15/20) - http://biblerays.com

Army Seal clip art courtesy of Al Farber ('64) of GA - 05/24/06 (still missing...)
Thanks, Al!
Replaced by Norm Covert ('61) of MD - 02/09/09
Thanks, Norm!

Marine Corps Seal clip art courtesy of Herbert Hice of MI - one of my Famous Marines who served in the South Pacific during WWII.
Thanks, Herbie!

Navy Seal clip art courtesy of http://www.onemileup.com/miniSeals.asp - 05/29/06

Hampton High School's Crab clip art courtesy of http://www.geocities.com/agent99bm/ - 10/02/05 (still missing...)
Replaced courtesy of
http://www.hamptonhigh1964.com - 02/17/09

Air Force Seal clip art courtesy of http://www1.va.gov/opa/feature/celebrate/milsongs.htm - 07/07/06

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