Thomas Piano Company
210 - 28th Street
Newport News, VA





1954 Krabba, p.132


Courtesy of Tom Norris (HHS - '73) of VA - 12/10/04
Thanks, Babe!


Hi There!!!
I was just searching the www for a "Thomas Piano Company" of Newport News, VA.
I have a banjo that my grandfather left me many years ago before he died.
He always said that he bought this the year I was born, 1953.
The only label on this banjo is a sticker on the neck that says,
"Thomas Piano Company Everything Musical Newport News, Virginia"
I was just looking to see if this company is still in business when I came upon your web site.

Gene Toler
Rockville, Virginia 23146 - 03/05/05

Web Site:

COOL!  Thanks, Gene!  I LOVE your website!

(This page added 12/14/04 at the request of Tom Norris - HHS- '73 - of VA.)

"Piano Man" midi courtesy of - 12/14/04

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