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I personally lived on the best street in Stuart Gardens. It was 17th Street. I moved to the neighborhood when I was entering the 7th grade. I lived next door to Jimmy Edwards ('62), and next to him was Paula Sturtevant ('62). Across from me and down one house was Harry Barritt ('64) and right across from me was Becky Cash ('64). Moving further down was Zatha Franks ('62) and top it off with Mike Jeffers ('61) and his sis, Susie Jeffers ('63).

On any given summer night you would see us on the curb talking and wondering what a summer night would bring. We could walk to Magruder and dance on the blacktop or when one of us got our license who would drive to Willis where the really cute guys were hanging out.

I was reading from Dave (Spriggs - '64 - of VA) that the Stuart Gardens beach was gone? How did that happen? What a great place to look cute. I had my first kiss in the bleachers at the beach. I think I was listening to Fats Domino. I could go on and on.

The most poignant dream I had right after my mother died in Jan 04 was wandering around in Stuart Gardens looking for a way home. I really loved the formative years spent on 17th Street. We were one of the first to sell and move to the boonies in my junior year 1961. The boonies I am talking about was a place called Tuckahoe just north of Hidenwood. No one wanted to come see me; it was way too far at that time.

- Pam Larmer Traugott ('62) of VA - 06/10/06

 Thanks, Pam!  I haven't been able to figure that out myself.  Mike Miller ('65 - of NC) first told me that in October of 2000.  He explained it to me then, and others have tried since,  but I simply don't understand.  When I tried to get a look myself three years ago, we were chased off by gunshots, arriving as we did when police were addressing a domestic dispute.  My curiosity lost out to safety concerns. I still don't get it.




It was so nice to see Pam Larmer (Traugott's - '62 - of VA) entry about 17th street.  We did have a wonderful street and there were other kids on that block that went to NNHS too.  Billy Minick ('59) lived beside Pam and Billy and Pat ('62) Stambaugh lived closer to the shopping center at the end of the street.  Living beside Zatha (Franks - '62) were Dorothea ('59) and Margaret Ann Sloop and their father was minister of the Lutheran Church in the 1950's.  They moved to Maryland before I left in January of 1962.  Beside them were the Jeffers, and Susie ('63) was my best friend from when we were little until midway through high school.  I remember her mother's 'doll cakes' - she would put a 'Vogue doll" in the center and make a cake skirt - they do it now with Barbies, but I think she 'invented' it!  She would let us lick the bowl - what a sweet memory.  I also remember her little brother, Scotty ('68).  He was so 'tough' - when he was learning to ride a two- wheeler, he would crash into something and fall off in order to stop.  I can remember my mother saying, there goes Scotty, hope he doesn't crash.
Patty Larsen and her brother lived on the corner at the other end of the street and her mother use to give out candied apples to her 'favorite children' in the neighborhood on Halloween (funny how you remember when you don't get something - ha).
Seventeen kids (and more that I didn't know) on that block and so many memories that they would fill a million hearts.  When I think back now, it really was a charmed childhood.  Sure there were heartaches and problems, but the adults seem to protect us from unnecessary/unpleasant information (unlike the world today) and there was an innocence to daily life. 

  - Paula Sturtevant Comstock ('62) of TX - 06/11/06
Thanks, Paula!



 Sara Jeffers was my mama's best friend.  They lived at 965 - 17th
Those cakes of hers were legendary!

   You might get a kick out of the picture of Scotty in his choir robes on this page:

 It was indeed a magical time, and we were truly blessed to be living there then. 

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 06/13/06

Hello again Carol;

Reading the newsletters makes me think of some friends I had that I have not heard of for a long time. Maybe some of the alumni might be able to bring me up to date on them. I also used to live in Stuart Gardens on 19th Place; a little street only one block long, right behind the shopping center. Ah, what memories that brings back; especially on baking days when the smell of fresh baked bread would roll back our way !!

The Rosenwassers used to live on that street also, right across the street. One of the people I used to hang around with was a boy named Stanley Conn ('58). Lost touch with him after graduation and was wondering if he is still around . There was also a family with name of Siegel that lived next door to me who used to own a store out in Hampton close to the ice plant. If anyone could give me any information about any of them it would be much appreciated.

- Colin Faison ('58) of VA - 09/04/06
Thanks, Colin!

Myra Rosenwasser
Kahn ('58) lives in Florida; David Rosenwasser ('64) is in Missouri.   I remember Stanley Conn, but do not know what became of him.  The Siegels I remember well, but I've not heard from or of them in forty-eleven years.  Natalie Siegel ('66) was a beautiful girl with a dynamite smile.  She probably had older siblings; I can't recall.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 09/05/06



Gary Fitzgerald ('61 - of VA) gave me a great walk down memory lane regarding Stuart Gardens.  I lived across the short street from Steve Veazey ('60) while Butch Eason lived behind me, Roger ('61) and Bobby ('64) Callis lived across the street on the corner of Chestnut and 16th Street, while Frank Friedland ('60) lived next to them. (The Head Cheerleader of 1958), Evelyn Fryer, lived behind Steve Veazey and Brenda Veazey ('62).  Less than a half block away on 17th Street there was Allen Hall ('61), Fred Sage ('61), and my best friend and college room mate Johnny Canepa ('60) (02 Jan 1941 - 18 Apr 1998). Another life long friend, Ronnie Burroughs ('60) and his sister Tina ('62) lived on 21st Street.  Horace Underwood (President of the Class of '61) lived on 18th Street.  My buddy Bill Roady ('60) lived on Wickham in Christopher Shores; his house was the meeting place for SPD.  Frances Hammond ('60) and Joan Sammons (Queen of the Class of 1960) were within a block.

I am sure I have left out a bunch of friends, however, Stuart Gardens was a great place to live during a great time with life long friends.
Thanks for the memories!  

P.S. Carol,  I forgot two other Stuart Gardens friends.  Neta Mae Collins ('60) and Frank Ivey (President and King of the Class of '59).
I am sure the list will grow.  

- Steve Hochman ('60) of VA - 03/12/09


Thanks so much, Steve! 
Whether it was Stuart Gardens, Christopher Shores, the Stuart Homes Apartments, or the Stuart Gardens Apartments themselves, that end of Newport News was certainly a wonderful, caring neighborhood back in the fifties and sixties!

   A few more schoolmates popped into my mind: David ('65), Judy, and Jimmy Ellenson; their cousin, Harron Ellenson ('65); Billy Greene ('61); Mike ('61), Susie ('63) (1945 - 20 Nov 2008), and Scotty ('68) Jeffers at 965 - 17th Street; Terry ('61) and Sue ('63) Harrison; Mrs. Baab, Rita ('62) and Carl ('67); the Lillastons; Bobby ('62) and Polly ('65) Norris; Pam ('62) and Bill ('67) Larmer; and Craig Miller ('63);  Paula Sturtevant ('62); Jimmy Edwards ('62); Zatha Franks ('62); Harry Barritt ('64); Becky Cash ('64); Myra ('58) and David ('64) Rosenwasser; Carol Lee ('63), Jeannie ('65) and Susie ('70) Collier; Teddy ('60) and Susan ('66) Sandler; Colin Faison ('58); and Don ('55) (01 Nov 1936 - 16 Apr 2007) and Bobby ('61) Buchan lived somewhere or another in Stuart Gardens as well.

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of IL - 03/13/09

... One of your Stuart Gardens' bunch left for the glory of
North End; Horace Underwood (President of the Class of '61)
lived on 47th Street when he graduated :-)

- Wayne Stokes ('65) of VA - 03/13/09
Oh, I'd forgotten that! Thanks, Wayne!

Carol, on the Stuart Gardens, some additional Typhoons living there were Allen Foster ('58) (18th St); Steve Burns ('65) (17th); Bonnie Binford ('64) (20th); Patty Mays (Andrews) ('61) and Raymond Andrews ('63) (20th); Melissa Moody ('67) and her brother,
Jimmy ('61) (15th); and I lived on 20th Street also.

- Steve Pullen ('65) of VA - 03/13/09
Thanks for the clarification, Steve! This thread all began with Gary Fitzgerald's ('61 - of VA) mention of Steve Burns and his mama, but it's posted on the Stuart Gardens Apartments page:

Donít forget Sylvia Hall Hammond ('66) lived in Stuart Gardens on 17th Street.

- Phil Hammond ('64) of UT - 03/13/09
Thanks, Phillip! Sylvia is of course the younger sister of Allen Hall ('61).

Stuart Gardens, my sister Lynn, the Vests - Buster ('63), Eddie ('68), and Donna ('71); Donna Chadwell ('64); Jane Coltrain ('64); Judy Erlach ('64); Dennis Holbrook ('64); Jane Monfalcone ('61); Judy Bell ('64); Janice Knight ('66); Sylvia Hall ('66); Bobby Bloxom ('64); Tommy Flax ('64)
(and his sister, Helen - '58, and brother, Joel - '68); Jackie Belote ('63).  The list just goes on and on. 

- Jo Ann Stewart ('64) of Northern VA - 03/13/09
Indeed it does, Jo Ann, thanks!
I think we've not yet mentioned Al Farber ('64) and Chippy ('65)
and Peyton ('68) Clark and a host of others!  And in this round we were trying to limit the list to just those not in either set of apartments in the Stuart Gardens area.  How numerous would be the names if we listed them all!


I always look forward to reading the news, but I really loved the note from Steve (Hochman - '60 - of VA) about Stuart Gardens. It truly was a wonderful place to grow up. I lived on 19th Place until my junior year in college and have such fun memories of that tiny little house.

Thanks again for keeping us all connected.
- Ronni Green Cristol ('64) of MD - 03/13/09

Thanks so much, Ronni!
If we are remembering Stuart Gardens, don't forget the Fowlers (Shirley '51?, Berton '54, Eleanor, '59 and Alice '64) on 1148 17th St!!
- Alice Fowler Edwards ('64) of VA - 03/26/09

Oh, my, yes! Weren't y'all already on there from the git-go?!? Lemme check.....
WHAT?!? Why, that's outrageous! How can this be?!? Well, we've fixed that now.
Thanks, Alice! I can only imagine that there were conversations from years past which were never posted -
probably because no such page existed at the time.

...Was just reading the notes about who lived in Stuart Gardens where and when.
 Steve Hochman  ('60 - of VA) mentioned that I lived behind The Veazey's.  I was delighted to see Steve Veazey ('60 - of VA) and Steve Hochman in Williamsburg this year.  They are as handsome as ever.  Actually, I spent a great deal of time behind Veasey's at Beverly Powell's (Roberts) ('57) house in the apartments.  It was like my second home.  I knew and loved Mr. and Mrs. Veazey - what a wonderful family......and I was so sorry to learn of Mrs. Veazey's passing
We had happy days at Lizzie and Shorty Powell's House. Some of our gang: Beverly, Evelyn Casey (Snead - '57 - of VA), Wimpy Roberts, Bo Roberts ('56), Kenny Roberts, Thelma Spade (Roberts) ('57), Harry Veazey ('56), Jim Hunsucker, Bucky Keller ('58).  The Powells, Beverly, Wimpy, Bo, Thelma, and Bucky are all deceased.  It is so hard to believe.  


I actually lived in one of the houses on 16th Street - 964-16th Street in the middle of the block.  Coach Range
(23 Dec 1914 - 13 Jan 1980) lived three doors down from me and Mr. Powers (01 Sept 1918 - 14 June 1992) lived two doors down from me.  Howard Todd ('56), Carolyn Todd ('58), Jimmy Todd ('63) and Brenda Todd ('64) lived directly across the street from me.  And Carol Holloway lived on the corner house in front of us. 
Now this is really dating me: Melissa ('67 - of VA) and Jimmy Moody ('61) lived behind me on 15th Street and I used to baby sit for them!!! When their parents returned from the night out, their dad would always walk me through the back yard to make sure I arrived home safely.  I always thought that Melissa Moody was the cutest little girl that I had ever seen.  And WOW, I was so DELIGHTED and SURPRISED to see her when she attended one of the Buckroe parties!!!  She is just as cute as ever.  I was saddened to learn of Jimmy's passing. 
I always waited for the bus for school across the street down three or four houses right in front of Bobby Hedrick's ('58) house. They had the only brick house in Stuart Gardens - his dad was in the construction/bricking business.  Bobby's dying this year was such a shock.  I was so glad that I happened to be in town so that I could attend his funeral in Norfolk.  What a great man he was - I miss him since I used to hear from him all the time. 
Bruce and Page Smith (Class of 57) lived next door to us.  Their dad, Bob Smith, was the Manager of the Daily Press
- Evelyn Fryer Fish of TX - 11/29/09

Oh, WOW! Thanks so much, Ev!



Our House

- Graham Nash

 I'll light the fire
 You put the flowers in the vase
 That you bought today

 Staring at the fire
 For hours and hours
 While I listen to you
 Play your love songs
 All night long for me
 Only for me

 Come to me now
 And rest your head for just five minutes
 Everything is good
 Such a cosy room
 The windows are illuminated
 By the sunshine *dudes* and
 Fiery gems for you
 Only for you

 Our house is a very, very fine house
 With two cats in the yard
 Life used to be so hard
 Now everything is easy
 'Cause of you
 And our la,la,la, la,la etc

 I'll light the fire
 And you place the flowers in the jar
 That you bought today

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"Our House" midi courtesy of,
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