Reunion 1987

Class of 1967 ~ 20-Year Reunion

Newport News, Virginia

  1987 - Newport News, VA  
The Newport News High School Class of 1967
Sorry I missed seeing everybody at the class reunion
but I'm hoping for next time!

I don't know how many of you ever had or still have the attached picture from the (20-Year) NNHS Class Reunion,
but it's always nice to have an electronic version.

 Nancy Lavender Clarke ('67) of FL - 09/05/07


Thanks so much, Nancy! 

Thank you SO much. I love having this photo. Wow, we all look a little different, don't we?
Are you sure that's not the 20th?
  - Connie Snapp DeBord ('67) of VA - 09/05/07
Thanks, Connie!
  ..... I may be wrong, but I think the 15 year reunion picture is actually 20 year reunion.  
  - Bill Rash ('67) of VA - 09/06/07
Thanks, Bill!
  Yeah, I also believe it was the 20th because I don't know that we even had a 15th.  
- David Whitley ('67) of VA - 09/06/07
Thanks, David!

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