Pete's Bar-B-Que
7328 Virginia Avenue (Warwick Boulevard)
Newport News, VA 23607

Monday, August 28, 2006
1958 Anchor, p. 155 Then, on to the bowling alley and Pete's. But not before a quick trip to the Hilton Library to nail down all the street addresses, all Warwick Boulevard: Pete's BBQ: 7328; Bowling Alley: 7400;
Florida Orange Store: 7500.  All survive and are visible in the (above) panorama.
Courtesy of Eleanor Buckley Nowitzky ('59) of NC - 08/28/06
Thanks, Eleanor!
Image by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/28/06
WOWZERS!!! Thanks, Dave!
Monday, August 28, 2006
And for those who still cannot visualize just where  this is, here is an even wider panorama looking north and south
on Warwick Boulevard, with the Mercury Boulevard overpass to the left
Image by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/28/06
WOWZERONI!!! Thanks, Dave!

Was telling my wife about these pages today and we both started remembering. She went to NNHS also,
but did not graduate although she later went back and got her GED. She was asking me if maybe someone
out there might have a picture of Pete's BBQ, next to the bowling alley close to the James River Bridge.
She worked there for a while before and after we got married.

- Colin Faison (58) of VA - 08/28/06
Thanks, Colin.  We put our panel of experts to work on this.

Mornin', Gentlemen!

Have y'all ever heard of Pete's Barbeque?? Or for that matter, a bowling alley near the

- Carol Buckley Harty ('65) of NC - 08/28/06

Yes to both -- especially the bowling alley -- it was in use for many, many years -- I believe on up into the 1980's or later!
John Murden ('60 - of VA) and I bowled together in a weekly league one summer during college. That would have been
early 60's. It was located on the north side of Warwick Boulevard, maybe 3 or 4 blocks before the
bridge, heading
from downtown NN.

But danged if I can remember the name of the alley right now. I think the owner's first name was Lee?? He was a former
pro bowler, and a great teacher.

- Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 08/28/06
Thanks, Ron!

Carol, et al.

I remember the bowling alley quite well. It was situated on the east side of Virginia Avenue (a.k.a. Warwick Boulevard)
and across from the Naval Reserve Training Center. However, I do not remember Pete's BBQ. The building still stands,
and is/was a furniture store. Many of the buildings north of there were razed during the construction of the Mercury
Boulevard overpass ramps.

Further north and closer to Mercury Boulevard, I do remember a Florida Orange Store. That building may still exist
among the few remaining.

I will be in NN this afternoon for a Committee meeting. I will capture an image of the former bowling alley; the lighting
will be perfect from the afternoon sun.

- Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 08/28/06
Thanks, Dave!  That will be lovely!

Carol -- Ja! Pete's Barbeque finally popped back into the memory banks. It was next door to the bowling alley,
which I emailed you about earlier. Hopefully the Cap'n was able to get some pix of the building today.

The reason I had trouble remembering it: I didn't like barbecue in those days!! I was only in the place once or twice,
even though I was at the bowling alley many times every year. (I can assure you I have made up for the error of my ways
ever since, concerning barbecue! I have the waistline to prove it!)

Another fact I remember about the bowling alley: it was owned by two brothers, Frank and Lee, the professional bowler
whom I mentioned earlier. (Or was it Frank that was the pro? :-o) ) Still can't recall their last name, or the name of the
alley. The group I usually went with called it "Frank & Lee's", of all things!

I believe Colin said his wife worked there, or at Pete's? Twist her arm to join the Typhoon Nation, and tell us some
memories about the place, so you can include them on the site.

- Ron Miller ('59) of NC - 08/28/06
Thanks, Ron!

Hi, Carol:

I am probably the last to reply to your request. Regret the delay. I remember the bowling alley and Pete's Barbeque,
but know very little about the establishments. Just recall they were across Warwick Boulevard (AKA: Virginia Avenue/
Route 60) from the United States Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center.

- Joe Madagan ('57) of FL - 08/28/06
Thanks, Joe!

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Not just Havanas or bananas or daiquiris
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at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 10/21/03
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"Cheeseburger in Paradise" lyrics courtesy of,
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