Our Graduations
  Newport News High School, Newport News, Virginia
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Image by Chip Clark ('65) of Northern VA




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Class of June 1936


Class of 1954
Thursday, June 10, 1954, 8:00 PM


Class of 1955


Class of 1956


Class of 1957



Class of 1958
Thursday, June 5, 1958, 8:00 PM


Class of 1959



Class of 1960
Thursday, June 9, 1960, 8:00 PM


Class of 1961
Thursday, June 8, 1961, 8:00 PM


Class of 1962
Sunday, June 10, 1962, 4:00 PM



Class of 1963
Sunday, June 9, 1963, 4:00 PM



Class of 1964
Sunday, June 7, 1964, 4:00 PM



Class of 1965
Thursday, June 3, 1965, 8:00 PM


Class of 1966
Sunday, June 12, 1966, 4:00 PM


Class of 1967
Rehearsal - Friday, June 9, 1967; Sunday, June 11, 1967, 4:00 PM


Class of 1968
Sunday, June 16, 1968, 4:00 PM


Class of 1969


Class of 1970
Sunday, June 14, 1970, 4:00 PM


Class of 1971
Sunday, June 13, 1971


... there was a link to NNHS.
Well, that one did it, Carol. Thatís where I stopped. Having attended many high school graduations as an
assistant principal, I recognized the introduction to Pomp and Circumstance right away. I sat and listened
while I looked at the images of our old high school. As the introduction gave way to the familiar strains

at which the graduates begin their procession, I was awash in memories. I went back years in my mind and
saw the Class of
Ď59 lined up in the hall outside the auditorium. And there was Dorothy Crane, the drama
making sure that we were all in step. She stood in the hall by the entrance to the auditorium,
sweeping her hand in a huge arc
to keep us in step as she called out, left, right, left, right her voice
emphasizing the word left,
to make sure we all stepped forward at the same time on the correct foot. The effect
was that as the line moved up the ramp into the auditorium and down the incline to our seats, every single
tassel swayed in the same direction at the same time.
We all swayed gently to the left, then gently to the right.
Not being especially graceful nor having a good sense of rhythm, I had to watch the student in front of me. I
kept my eyes on that foot in front of me to make sure I was putting the same one forward at the same time!
When I got to my seat on the stage, I could finally
relax. From the vantage point of the stage, I could see the
rest of my classmates marching in. What an
awesome sight to behold, the line moving in perfect step and I can
tell you that it was never as magnificent, as awesome a sight at any other high school graduation that I attended,
and I attended a lot of them.
  Miss Crane also made sure that we had our graduation caps on our heads exactly
right. The front down over the forehead just so with the mortar board perfectly parallel to the ground.
And the
music, the NNHS band, with
Mr. Wilsonís baton, playing that magnificent
Pomp and Circumstance. The music
on the NNHS link brought it all back to me, as if it were yesterday. Thanks for the

- Aretie Gallins Patterson ('59) of Northern VA - 03/24/05
Thanks so much!

Pomp and Circumstance

- Elgar

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 "Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance" midi courtesy of http://laurasmidiheaven.com/Classmidi.shtml,
at the suggestion of Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 06/23/03
There is a very long and stirring introduction, so keep listening.
Thanks, Dave!

Graduation clip art courtesy of http://www.hellasmultimedia.com/webimages/graduation/default.htm - 07/20/06

Graduation Divider Line clip art courtesy of http://www.hellasmultimedia.com/webimages/graduation/graduation_lines_2.htm - 07/20/06

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