Graduation 1970
Sunday, June 14, 1970, 4:00 PM
  Newport News High School, Newport News, Virginia
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Image by Chip Clark ('65) of Northern VA



Class Motto: ""
(, Motto Committee Co-Heads)

Class Colors: Blue and Red

Class Flower:

Class Sponsor:


Senior Prom:

Friday, May 29, 1970
8:00 p.m.
Chamberlin Hotel
Senior Class Officers:
President................Bernie McClelland
Vice President.........Harvey Anker
Secretary.................Patty Barrow
Treasurer..................Valerie Scott
Class Night Committee Heads:
Chairman..........David Thomas
Co-chairman.....Pearl Murphy
Co-chairman......Ray Jones
Courtesy of
Johnnie Bateman and Betsy Turner
Courtesy of Johnnie Bateman ('67 / '70) of VA - 04/17/08
Thanks, Johnnie!

1970 Senior Class Song

Farewell to passing hours of grief and joy,
Of effort, gain, and happiness combined.
We leave to search a new and separate life,
And may our hearts forever more entwine.
Our eyes have seen a thousand different days,
Our minds have memorized each day we've lived.
And new we raise a cup of love to those
Who gave us everything they had to give.

Words and Music by Ella Davis and Ray Jones


Graduation Day

- Joe Sherman / Noel Sherman, 1956

(Beach Boys version recorded 05/05/65)

There's a time a for joy
A time for tears
A time we'll treasure through the years
We'll remember always
Graduation day

At the senior prom
We danced 'til three
And there you gave your heart to me
We'll remember always
Graduation day

Though we leave in sorrow
All the joys we've known
We can face tomorrow
Knowing we'll never walk alone
When the ivy walls
Are far behind
No matter where our paths may wind
We'll remember always
Graduation day
We'll remember always
Graduation day

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"Graduation Day" mid courtesy of
located by Dave Spriggs ('64) of VA - 07/20/06
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Source for all information - Carol Anne Comer Cutler ('70) of VA - 04/21/08
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