Coaches -
J. C. Range and Charlie Nuttycombe;
Co-Captains - Gene Duncan ('60) and Frank Friedland ('60);
Managers - Kenny Olshansky ('60), Tommy Chappell ('61) and Buddy David ('61)

1960 Anchor - pp. 72-3 1960 Anchor - p. 74 1960 Anchor - p. 75
(Enlarges in two parts)    
1960 Anchor - p. 76 1960 Anchor - p. 77 1960 Anchor - p. 78

Carol, another newspaper article my mom stuck away for me to find years later, and get misty eyed reading them.

Hope you can make this out.

- Jerry Blanchard ('62) of VA - 04/25/07
Thanks, Jerry!

This is as clear as I could make this, so I transcribed it as best I could.  
I think if I keep working at this, I'll be able to decipher the rest of it.

Fall 1959

Duncan, Harris Honored At Typhoon Grid Assembly
Gene Duncan was awarded the Julian Gordon trophy and teammate Ed Harris was
given the Hi-Y trophy today at a special assembly session at Newport News High, in honor of the 1959 football team.

   A TOTAL of 36 varsity foot-
ballers received letters
for their outstanding play last season. The Newport News JV gridders
were given 36 certificates and the
cross country track team, capt-
ained by George Balanis, were
awarded 31 letters.
   Duncan, one of the top ____ in the state, and a ________ in the Eastern District first team, was awarded the outstanding play-
er on the Newport News

and three ______ ______ _____.
   Harris, a ________ ______, ___
______ by his teammates __ ___

_______ __ ___ _____. Harris is
also president of the student body,
vice-president of the band and has been president of his _____ for
five years.
VARSITY LETTERMEN - Bobby Boyce, John ______, _____ ___-
___, _____ _____, Co-Captain
Gene Duncan, Milton Eason, Co-
Captain Frank Friedland, Allen
Hall, Ed Harris, George Helliesen,

Steve Hochman, Buddy Isbell,
Wayne Johnson, Robert Price, Bill
Roady, Gerald Schweida, Steve
Seltzer, Phil Turner, Horace Un-
derwood, Donnie White, Kenny
Womack, Downey Wray and James
Workman, Manager Tommy Chap-
pell, managers Buddy David and Kenny Olshansky.
Marshall Adams, William Barnes,
Jerry Blanchard, ______ ______,
Charles Buffington, Jerry
Burks, George Carter, Dan Cole-
man, Glen Davenport, Donald __-
_____, Wayne Delozier, Joe __-
___, William Hanrahan, Calvin Hanrahan, Larry Harding, Larry
_____, Barry Hatchett, Ted
Heflin, Wayne Johnson, Rufus
Kennedy, Chris Kypriandes, Don-
ald London, Tommy Mahone, Jo-
seph McCormick, John M____, Paul
Neal, Dallas Patterson, Max Pol-
lard, ______ _________, Jimmy
______, ______ _______, Dennis
Snelling, Steve Sparkman, Rob-
ert Stalnaker, Bernard Whitmer
and Delano Wray, Managers Hen-
ry Ragland and Jeffrey Zwerdling.
- Captain George Balanis,
Fred Bowen, Norman Dick, Jim-
my Hall, Paul Lieberman, Jimmy Lovedahl, David _______, Harry
Wilks and Jerry Woodlief, Man-
agers _____ _____ and Frank

The Notre Dame fight song may be the most recognizable "football" music I know.

- Albert Dorner ('66) of VA - 10/21/04
Thanks, Albert!  You're right, of course.  It's perfect!

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"Notre Dame Victory March" midi courtesy of
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